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Version History


  • The top toolbar has been redesigned to make better use of space.
  • Adds a light UI style, where the top bar and keyboard adapt to light themes.
  • Adds support for trackpad mode, where you can press and hold the Space bar to quickly move the cursor.
  • Adds a Password Manager button, allowing you to quickly paste a password from iCloud Keychain or other password manager apps.
  • Adds a variety of new fonts, now split into a separate package to keep the main package size down.
  • Adds support for Procursus’s localization functionality. In many cases, programs in your terminal will follow your iOS language selection. (Requires Procursus distribution installed - by default, checkra1n and unc0ver use Elucubratus.)
  • Better handles cases where the shell fails to launch (e.g. from a broken startup script, or corrupted install).
  • Fixes a long-standing performance issue where significant terminal activity could cause NewTerm to run very slowly or crash.
  • Fixes settings not applying till after restarting NewTerm.
  • Fixes arrow keys not working in application mode programs such as less and vim. (Fixed with help from Diatrus - thanks!)
  • Fixes a crash when rotating into landscape on some devices.


  • Adds key repeat (tap and hold) on the arrow keys. This was contributed by @lint – thanks!
  • Fixes crash on launch for iOS 12.1.4 and older.


  • Adds iPadOS 13 multiple window support. Now you can use two NewTerm windows in split screen, or keep separate NewTerm windows for each project or server. Press ⌘N or long press the “+” button to open a new window.
  • Adds physical keyboard shortcuts for opening and closing tabs and windows.
  • Adds full support for the Ctrl key on physical keyboards.
  • Adds support for iOS 13’s new SF Mono font. This is the new default font.
  • Adds a haptic tap when the bell rings.
  • Fixes various UI issues on iOS 13.
  • Fixes an issue with the keyboard buttons appearing incorrectly on iPad.
  • Known Issue: Tapping the Settings button crashes the app. This will be fixed with an update to Cephei soon.