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NewTerm 2

To download, visit this
page on your iOS device.

Try out the NewTerm 3 beta!

NewTerm is a continuation of the Mobile Terminal project, a versatile terminal emulator for iOS. It includes many improvements over Mobile Terminal, such as a tab-based interface, a selection of themes and fonts, copy and paste, and various bug fixes. It’s the perfect companion for running quick commands directly on your iPhone, or working on projects on your iPad side-by-side with other apps, or SSHing to a server that crashed while you’re on vacation.

What’s New in Version 2.5

  • The top toolbar has been redesigned to make better use of space.
  • Adds a light UI style, where the top bar and keyboard adapt to light themes.
  • Adds support for trackpad mode, where you can press and hold the Space bar to quickly move the cursor.
  • Adds a Password Manager button, allowing you to quickly paste a password from iCloud Keychain or other password manager apps.
  • Adds a variety of new fonts, now split into a separate package to keep the main package size down.
  • Adds support for Procursus’s localization functionality. In many cases, programs in your terminal will follow your iOS language selection. (Requires Procursus distribution installed - by default, checkra1n and unc0ver use Elucubratus.)
  • Better handles cases where the shell fails to launch (e.g. from a broken startup script, or corrupted install).
  • Fixes a long-standing performance issue where significant terminal activity could cause NewTerm to run very slowly or crash.
  • Fixes settings not applying till after restarting NewTerm.
  • Fixes arrow keys not working in application mode programs such as less and vim. (Fixed with help from Diatrus - thanks!)
  • Fixes a crash when rotating into landscape on some devices.