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Version History


  • Adds iOS 15 Support


  • Adds support for the Control Center on iOS 14.2 and up
  • Mitsuha Forever now works with the Prysm media module
  • The Homescreen view now displays without locking your device on iOS 13 and up
  • Fixes battery drain when device is locked while playing audio from Apple Music
  • Adds better support for Colorflow 5 on the lockscreen
  • Support for Orion coloring on the lockscreen views
  • Fixes a bug where the visualizer isn’t shown after playing music from the lock screen notification
  • Better layout adjustments for the lockscreen notification on iOS 13 and up
  • Makes the server more reliable
  • Adds support for libhooker optimizations


  • Fixes Crashes with Spotify
  • Better Colorflow support and new entrance animation for the Music app
  • Views now display properly when rotating your device
  • Adds support for Spotify Canvas
  • The lockscreen views now update without a respring
  • Battery life improvments


  • Initial release on Chariz
  • iOS 14 support
  • Battery life improvements
  • Fixes Crashes with Spotify
  • Fixes views sometimes being cutoff in the Music app


  • Adds support for Quart
  • Fixes a coloring issue in Settings
  • Bug Fixes for Spotify