Mitsuha Forever

To download, visit this
page on your iOS device.

A real-time audio visualizer for now playing music.

Mitsuha Forever allows you to display wave, bar, line, Siri, or dots styles as audio visualization inside apps such as Apple Music and Spotify. Mitsuha also allows for visualizations below the lockscreen and homescreen.

Features include:

  • Waveform on frequency instead of amplitude
  • Custom visualization appearance settings
  • Custom the number of visualizer points and attributes
  • Custom dynamic, Siri, and custom color styles
  • Custom color alphas
  • Custom positioning
  • Custom visualizer speed and sensitivity

What’s New in Version 1.4.2

  • Adds support for the Control Center on iOS 14.2 and up
  • Mitsuha Forever now works with the Prysm media module
  • The Homescreen view now displays without locking your device on iOS 13 and up
  • Fixes battery drain when device is locked while playing audio from Apple Music
  • Adds better support for Colorflow 5 on the lockscreen
  • Support for Orion coloring on the lockscreen views
  • Fixes a bug where the visualizer isn’t shown after playing music from the lock screen notification
  • Better layout adjustments for the lockscreen notification on iOS 13 and up
  • Makes the server more reliable
  • Adds support for libhooker optimizations