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iTerm2 Shell Integration

To download, visit this
page on your iOS device.

This package contains tools for power users.
You can use iTerm2 Shell Integration via a terminal such as NewTerm. If you’re not experienced with the terminal, you most likely shouldn’t install this.

This package contains shell integration utilities used by NewTerm 3 (coming soon) and iTerm2, maintained by the iTerm2 project. For more information, refer to the iTerm2 website.

bash, zsh, and fish are supported out of the box, and will start using the shell integration once this package is installed and any open terminal windows are restarted. tcsh users will need to add source /usr/libexec/iterm2-shell-integration/tcsh to their ~/.tcshrc.

Commands included:

  • imgcat: Display an image inline in the terminal
  • imgls: Display a directory listing with icons (requires PHP)
  • it2api: Access the extensive iTerm2 API (requires Python 3.6)
  • it2attention: Bounce the app icon in the Dock
  • it2check: Can be used by scripts to detect the shell integration and terminal app versions
  • it2copy: Copy text or files to clipboard on the host
  • it2dl/it2ul: Download and upload files from/to a remote host
  • it2getvar: Read custom variables from the terminal app.
  • it2git: Can be added to your profile scripts to provide Git status bar integration
  • it2setcolor: Redefine colors in the current tab
  • it2setkeylabel: Configure custom Touch Bar buttons
  • it2universion: Switch betwene Unicode 8 and 9 compatibility modes

Not all commands are supported by NewTerm.

What’s New in Version 1.0+gita586923

  • Initial release