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Version History


  • Updated UI
  • Merged ‘Backups’ tab into ‘Restore’ tab (swipe to del/exp and tap to restore)
  • Moved ‘Credits’ tab to footer
  • Split backup type triggers into tap for user backup and longpress for dev backup to discourage the latter’s use
  • Fixed edge case resulting in some similarly named directories being skipped in backup
  • 40-50% reduction in backup time (yes, you read that correctly)
  • Added debug mode
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated Taiwanese Mandarin translation


  • Fixed dpkg lock fix not applying, when applicable, on rootless jbs
  • Removed unused strings
  • Unified libarchive code
  • Changed debug log perms from 0644 to 0666 to allow deletion from ‘other’
  • General code cleanup


  • Added XinaA15 support
  • Sped up deb creation by using custom libarchive-based impl
  • Cleaned up existing libarchive code
  • Fixed final tar creation error failing to post if present
  • Updated zh_TW localization


  • Fixed “*.list does not exist” backup error
  • Simplified some UI code
  • Added notice about state of XinaA15 support


  • Fixed iPad support (thanks to all who helped test!)
  • Adjusted progress view container to adapt to device size
    • Should fix any spacing/label sizing issues
  • Updated zh-Hans.lproj


  • Added rootless support (apologies for the wait!)
  • Greatly improved posix_spawn error logic
  • Added /tmp/ial.log for DEBUG builds
  • Added maintainer script permissions validation
  • Added logic to proceed with backups despite partially installed/configured packages
    • These will be noted in the post-backup prompt but not included in the backup
  • Attempted to improve ‘Status’ control field logic
  • Added extra newline addition to control to ensure successful build
  • Fixed copying symlinks during backup
  • Added Taiwanese Mandarin translation
  • Removed firmware cap


  • Improved debug logging
  • Added localization support
  • Added Arabic, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, and Simplified Chinese localizations
  • Switched to posix_spawn from NSTask in anticipation for rootless
  • Greatly improved error handling
  • Switched bootstrap package filtration to Canister API
  • Fixed rare Unc0ver crash (?)
  • Added CLI counterpart
  • Removed shell-cmds dependency
  • Fixed a few adverse timing issues
  • Code cleanup


  • Fix an oversight that caused the backup to fail outright if one or more errors were encountered
  • Fix a couple of potential memory issues with the helper binary


  • Cap install at iOS < 15 (for the time being)
  • Code cleanup


  • Scrapped list backups entirely (unrealistic to maintain and much less functional than I had envisioned)
  • Revised UI (again, yeah … this time I’m confident it’s here to stay)
  • Added a proper progress UI
  • Added lightmode support to the app
  • No longer populate /var/mobile/Documents/me.lightmann.iamlazy/logs/
  • Added another confirmation prompt for attempted restores of developer backups
  • Removed unnecessary arm64e app arch
  • Debs are now deleted as they’re added to the backup archive to save space
  • Fixed issue where apt update may have exited non-zero due to unsigned repos
  • “Unfiltered” -> “Developer”
  • Code cleanup


  • Initial release on Chariz!
  • Implemented list backups and restores
  • Long overdue UI overhaul
  • Greatly improved security
  • Fixed tweaks that were disabled with iCleaner not working upon restore
  • Fixed tweaks occasionally missing files that contained spaces
  • Implemented a more robust package filter for user backups
  • Sped up backups and restores by utilizing native APIs where possible
  • Improved stability of restores
  • Added additional debug logs
  • Added ability to cancel the ‘specific restore’ selection alert by tapping out of the alert
  • Added check for internet before restores
  • Updated and optimized image assets
  • Fixed potential positioning issues on larger/RTL devices
  • Implemented a new date-based backup naming scheme
  • Added ability to import backups
  • Implemented dpkg lock and partial install mitigations
  • Fixed sharesheet crash
  • Some other small things I’m probably forgetting