To download, visit this
page on your iOS device.

Easily backup and restore your tweaks

From within its dedicated app, users can:


  • All user tweaks (Standard)
  • All packages (Unfiltered)

[Restore from]

  • The most recent backup
  • A specific backup chosen from a list

[Choose to]

  • Import a backup
  • Export a backup
  • Delete a backup

Things to note:

  1. There are two types of backups: deb backups and list backups

    • List backups are essentially tweak lists that IAmLazy uses to download the desired packages

    • In order to restore from a list backup, the packages’ respective sources must be ‘installed’ in either Cydia or Zebra (sources in Sileo, Installer, and/or Saily are not currently supported for technical reasons)

  2. Restores may hang or crash the app on Unc0ver. This appears to be out of my control, but IAmLazy will, to the best of its ability, mitigate any undesirable side effects

    • If the app crashes, IAmLazy will safely stop the install so it does not proceed in the background (and the restore should proceed normally if retried)

    • If the install hangs, quit the app and reopen it to allow IAmLazy to confirm dpkg is usable and no packages are left unconfigured


  1. Backups are NOT touched by restore rootfs
  2. IAmLazy DOES support moving between jailbreaks with different bootstraps (e.g., Unc0ver and Taurine) via STANDARD backups
  3. Unfiltered backups (denoted by the “u” following the backup number) can ONLY be restored from on jailbreaks using the SAME bootstrap (e.g., Elucubratus or Procursus) that the backup was made on
  4. IAmLazy does NOT backup apt sources or tweak preferences (neither are touched by restore rootfs)
  5. List restores do NOT support local or paid packages
  6. Backups CAN be used on other devices
  7. Closing/minimizing the app WILL STOP the currently running process

What’s New in Version 2.0.0

  • Initial release on Chariz!
  • Implemented list backups and restores
  • Long overdue UI overhaul
  • Greatly improved security
  • Fixed tweaks that were disabled with iCleaner not working upon restore
  • Fixed tweaks occasionally missing files that contained spaces
  • Implemented a more robust package filter for user backups
  • Sped up backups and restores by utilizing native APIs where possible
  • Improved stability of restores
  • Added additional debug logs
  • Added ability to cancel the ‘specific restore’ selection alert by tapping out of the alert
  • Added check for internet before restores
  • Updated and optimized image assets
  • Fixed potential positioning issues on larger/RTL devices
  • Implemented a new date-based backup naming scheme
  • Added ability to import backups
  • Implemented dpkg lock and partial install mitigations
  • Fixed sharesheet crash
  • Some other small things I’m probably forgetting