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Cephei Tweak Support

To download, visit this
page on your iOS device.

This package contains tools for developers.
If this is installed on your device, another package you’ve installed uses features provided by Cephei Tweak Support. Uninstalling Cephei Tweak Support will also uninstall other packages that use its features.

Cephei is a support framework used by tweak developers.


Experiencing crashes or other issues? It’s most likely another tweak you have installed that uses features of Cephei. Try these troubleshooting steps to find the root cause.

For Developers

Documentation can be found at

What’s New in Version 2.0


Cephei 2.0 is a major refactor, exclusively supporting rootless jailbreaks. It removes numerous code paths that stayed around for compatibility with old tweaks or iOS releases, and is built to run on the new ElleKit hooking platform. Cephei 1.x will continue to be supported for rootful jailbreaks on iOS 15.

Most, but not all, tweaks should already work with Cephei 2. Please don’t expect tweaks converted from rootful to rootless to work. The developers of these tweaks will most likely need to release a rootless update if there are any crashes.

For developers:

  • Uses dpkg alternatives to not conflict with Procursus’s defaults package. If defaults is installed, but you want to specifically check preferences using Cephei, you can use hbprefs instead.
  • Support for loading profile pictures from Twitter has been removed due to the closure of Twitter’s free API - perhaps use your GitHub profile picture instead (e.g., or link to your Mastodon?!
  • Much of Cephei has been refactored into new Swift code. If you’ve written code that uses Cephei in Swift, you may need to update some class and property names to remove HB and hb_ prefixes. Keep in mind that subclassing a Swift class from Objective-C is unsupported - that said, HBListController and its subclasses work around this limitation for best compatibility with existing tweaks.

Cephei 2.0 removes:

  • Legacy symlinks (/usr/lib/libcephei.dylib and friends, if anyone is even still using them)
  • CepheiUI automatic loading into UIKit processes - please link against CepheiUI directly
  • Classes that were already deprecated: HBDiscreteSliderTableCell, HBInitialsLinkTableCell, HBListItemsController
  • HBListController legacy appearance methods
  • HBAppearanceSettings’s translucentNavigationBar and statusBarTintColor
  • HBPreferences’s -synchronize and other deprecated methods
  • HBSupportController’s already obsolete support for the TechSupport framework

A huge thank you to the wonderful people who helped in testing this release.