Version History


  • Huge changes + performance improvements. It should now be much better on older devices
  • Fixed race condition that would occasionally lead to a crash when starting SpringBoard
  • Fixed obscure crash that would occur when creating a new page, moving all icons away, and then moving an icon back


  • Added option to disable icon scaling in folders
  • Added option to disable dock
  • Fixed icon previews when exiting folders
  • Fixed crash when moving icons between pages with per-page layout
  • Fixed icon list preview in iOS page edit mode and wallpaper preview


  • Initial iOS 13 support
  • Fixed background blur showing in iOS page editor
  • Fixed folders being dispersed upon respring
  • Added Barrel support
  • Fixed freeze caused by background blur option when tapping page dots to edit pages
  • Fixed “Reset Save State” button in preferences not actually removing the saved icon state
  • Fixed visual glitch when opening folder icons from the dock
  • The editing view will now display the settings selection view by default to avoid confusion and ease the user experience
  • Added a triple tap gesture on homescreen (an additional activation method, can be disabled in settings)
  • Added icon spacing option
  • Icons inside folders will now also scale


  • Fixed instructions not being shown to some users


  • Initial release