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This product is currently not available for purchase.

Xenon is a tweak that makes it easy to access your iOS device’s filesystem from your PC1. Unlike other methods, setup is automatic and doesn’t require a command line.

Easy Access

With Xenon, grabbing photos off your phone from any OS is easy! No fiddling around with iCloud’s Web UI or a usb connection, just open up your native file manager and grab the photos remotely!

It’s not just photos you can access though, it’s anything on your entire device! App data? Yep! Local files? Yuuup. If it’s in your filesystem, it can be accessed!

Easy Scan and Pair

Pairing is easy, all you need to do is scan a QR code from the client on your phone, and your phone and PC will then immediately pair, just like that!2

Easy Setup

Don’t know WHERE on your phone some things are? No problem, several presets to folders most people would be interested in are provided. However, don’t worry, you can add any path you want, even directly accessing app storage.


Confused about all this? Don’t fret, Xenon has extensive documentation, available here!

Client Download

The Xenon client is available for download in the releases of the Xenon GitHub repository.

Source code

Xenon is partially open source! You may see most of the source code on the Xenon GitHub repository.


  • Alpha for the icon design
  • emiyl0 for the screenshots, and helping test on Windows
  • Rolex, TheLazyITGuy, WilsontheWolf, pixelomer, and quiprr for helping test at various points


1 Windows, macOS, and Linux on the x86-64 and ARM64 architectures are supported. Linux support is finnicky but mostly usable.
2 Provided that the iOS device and pairing computer are both on the same connected to the same network, the means of the connection does not matter.

What’s New in Version 1.1.3

  • Fixed an issue where some buttons in the preferences (such as Pair Computer) did nothing.