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Version History


  • Fixes:

    • Fixed extra small widget background blur ghosting
    • Fixed settings widget not updating properly sometimes
    • Fixed Notification Widget crash when clearing notifications
  • Additions:

    • Added option to disable background blur for widgets
  • Other changes:

    • Improvements to layout on Pro Max devices
    • Settings widget will now automatically update when options are toggled through means other than the widget
    • Lots of prep for adding more than 4 widget sizes. For the time being, these options are locked.


  • Fixes:

    • Fixed crash when scrolling to medium/large watch widget in widget picker
    • Fixed widgets disappearing after a respring
    • Fixed music completion not updating on Complications widget
    • Fixed a random respring issue with Complications widget
    • Fixed an issue where icons would appear extremely low quality (especially with SnowBoard)
    • Smarter stack resizing support
    • Weather now updates on-demand instead of in background
  • Additions:

    • Extra small mode (beta) support for Complications, Digital Clock, Simple Weather, and Now Playing widget
    • Added Simple Weather widget (really just intended to be used with extra small mode when it’s out of beta)
    • Velox now automatically saves icon state, so it is preserved between reboots/safe mode
    • Widgets in the widget picker will now have a gray background
    • Much better extra small widget support (still in beta, and not considered stable enough to be enabled by default):
      • Extra small widgets properly scale themselves
      • Extra small option will no longer be added to every widget in the 3D touch menu, but rather only to those that support it
      • 3D Touch menu is the only way to get extra small widgets, they will not appear in the widget picker
  • Other changes:

    • Switched to monospace fonts for the Simple Date widget
    • Slightly altered the music widget UI
    • Rewrote internal math calculations used to detect supported widget sizes
    • Reworked widget caching system to make widget loading faster for existing widgets
    • Tapping music progress complication now opens the now playing app


  • Add 12 hour time option for digital clock widget
  • Fixed notes/photo widgets not saving configuration
  • Added Simple Date widget (displays current day of the week and day of the month)


  • Initial release