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Velox Reloaded 2

This product is currently not available for purchase.

Velox Reloaded 2

Bringing back the heat, again

Velox Reloaded lets you take advantage of your iOS Home Screen like never before.

iOS’s stock widget system looks dull and is non-interactive, but with Velox Reloaded the widgets are interact-able and incorporating the widgets with loads of information and controls.

Velox is created with battery efficiency in mind, and will transform your home screen to something more special retaining the iOS stock feel.

The lack of a Music Player Widget on stock iOS is disgraceful, change that with Velox’s beautiful Now Playing Widget.

Are you also bummed out that Apple didn’t add more widget sizes? Say no more, in an upcoming update for Velox we will bring you multiple extra widget sizes. (P.S inside Velox we have it currently as beta!)

Velox also brings back the notorious Today Widgets, we also designed beautiful widgets created by us:

  1. Notification Widget (Displays iOS notifications for chosen App)
  2. Today Widget (View Today Widgets on your Home Screen)
  3. Complications Widget (Shows a wide variety of Complications)
  4. Photos Widget (Slideshow of selective Photos. Select up to 5 images out of your own Photo Library.)
  5. Empty Space Widget (Puts an empty space in your Home Screen)
  6. Sticky Widget (Write Sticky/Notes directly on Widgets)
  7. Digital Clock Widget (Place a Digital Clock on your Home Screen)
  8. Legacy Clock Widget (The infamous Velox Reloaded clock)
  9. Settings Widget (Control Center toggles right on your Home Screen)
  10. Now Playing Widget (Put an awesome Music Player right on your Home Screen)
  11. Cydia Widget (Shows a set of package updates from Cydia)
  12. Watch Widget (The infamous Watch widget from Velox Reloaded 1)

Velox is actively being worked on to make sure it satisfies everyone who purchases it. Want to request a feature? email us!

Experiencing anything out of the ordinary? Contact us and help us make this special tweak even more special!

Return Policy

Change of Mind:
Change of mind returns are allowed within 24 hours of purchase being made under acceptable circumstances. Excessively rude or vulgar refund requests will be rejected.

Issue Based Return:
Refunds requested due to issues such as safe modes or graphical bugs must provide clear details of the issue. Further information may be asked if the request is ambiguous. Refund requests may be closed if no response is made within 7 days.

Incompatibility Return:
Please note that we do not bear any responsibility and therefore we do not satisfy any refund/return/exchange requests based on incompatibility of our products with third-party software (Tweaks), as we do not have control over other tweaks. We don’t guarantee that our products are fully compatible with any third-party programs and we do not provide support for other third-party tweaks.

Other Returns:
If you refund request does not fall within one of the above categories the request will be evaluated at my own discretion.

Please Note:
Processing of refunds can take up to 7 days and if accepted funds should be made available within 3-5 business days depending on method of payment. I reserves the right to reject refunds at my own discretion. Frequent returns are closely monitored. Excessive returns by a single user will be flagged and potentially refused at my discretion. Failure to read the description of the tweak and in turn this policy will result in a request being declined.

What’s New in Version 2.1.1

  • Fixes:

    • Fixed extra small widget background blur ghosting
    • Fixed settings widget not updating properly sometimes
    • Fixed Notification Widget crash when clearing notifications
  • Additions:

    • Added option to disable background blur for widgets
  • Other changes:

    • Improvements to layout on Pro Max devices
    • Settings widget will now automatically update when options are toggled through means other than the widget
    • Lots of prep for adding more than 4 widget sizes. For the time being, these options are locked.