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Version History


  • Recompiled with the Xcode 11.7 toolchain in order to support arm64e iOS 13 devices.


  • Initial release on Chariz

  • Full refactor of the code.

  • Made localization easier, now it’s in .strings files.

  • Added Turkish localization.

  • Added Finnish localization (Thanks JCLEE).

  • Added Portuguese localization (Thanks Rafaa).

  • Added options to spoof information about your phone.

  • Added an option to spoof the battery health percentage.

  • Added Shuffle-like cell grouping.

  • Due to newfound bugs, Shuffle compatibility was removed.

  • Added an option to change the position of the profile picture in the account cell.

  • Changed some icons in the preference bundle and made everything dynamic.

  • Fixed a bunch of small bugs