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Version History



  • Fixed crashes regarding various third party application preference bundles.
  • Fixed a crash with the uptime cell in General > About.
  • Fixed crashes on iOS 16.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wi-Fi page would not get colored when using custom table view colors.
  • Fixed an issue with some tweak icons not being correct when grouped.
  • Fixed an issue with the option to hide the “Arrow Accessory.”
  • Fixed an issue with third party slider cells that would trigger issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the language picker in the keyboard in the Settings app.


  • Added an option to adjust the iCloud Account Cell’s height.


Fixed Crashes

  • Fixed several crashes from 2.0.2.
  • Fixed crashes on iOS 16.

Uptime Cell

  • Added an option to display an uptime cell in the General > About section of the Settings app.

Accurate Storage

  • Fixed the issue where the storage text on the General cell wouldn’t display the correct storage.

Selector Wheel

  • Issues with the selector wheel that some users had.


Fixed Crashes

  • Fixed a crash that would happen when the Settings app was opened.


Fixed Crashes

  • Fixed some crashes throughout the tweak.

Fix for 15.0-15.1.1

  • Added a fix for these versions for the bug where the account button crashed upon tapping.

Offset Page

  • Added a live preview for the offset page.


  • Increased the offset minimum so that the icons can be moved further.

Jailbreak Icon

  • Added caching to the jailbreak icon.

Account Subtitle

  • Fixed a crash where the subtitle being empty may cause the app to crash.

Tweak Icon

  • Changed the placeholder tweak icon to resemble the normal yellow tweak icon.
  • Changed the tweak icon image name to tweakPlaceholderIcon.png to TweakIcon.png.


  • Adapted towards rootless devices on iOS 15.
  • General bugfixes geared towards the stability of the tweak.
  • GIF Support for Banners
  • Manual Slider Adjustment
    • You can now double tap on slider cells in order to change their value manually.
  • Removed iOS 13 Support
    • Due to issues with the old ABI, iOS 13 support has been removed. iOS 13 users can still use 1.4.1.


  • Recompiled with the Xcode 11.7 toolchain in order to support arm64e iOS 13 devices.


  • Initial release on Chariz

  • Full refactor of the code.

  • Made localization easier, now it’s in .strings files.

  • Added Turkish localization.

  • Added Finnish localization (Thanks JCLEE).

  • Added Portuguese localization (Thanks Rafaa).

  • Added options to spoof information about your phone.

  • Added an option to spoof the battery health percentage.

  • Added Shuffle-like cell grouping.

  • Due to newfound bugs, Shuffle compatibility was removed.

  • Added an option to change the position of the profile picture in the account cell.

  • Changed some icons in the preference bundle and made everything dynamic.

  • Fixed a bunch of small bugs