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OneSettings is a tweak for the Settings app. It mimics the Settings app from Samsung’s OneUI to iOS!

Ever wanted to hide the search bar and the iCloud account cell? With OneSettings you can do just that!

There is plenty of customizability and features in the preference bundle for any person’s taste. Subtitles for table cells? Sure! Custom settings background? Why not? Table view insets and corner radius? Of course! Spoof storage amount? Yep! There are many, many features and more are to come in updates!


  • iOS 14+
  • NOT officially compatible with iPadOS



  • Custom Colors
    • Background Color
    • Navbar Dark/Light Color
      • Navbar Text Color
    • Table View Dark/Light Color
    • Account Button Dark/Light Color
    • Search Button Dark/Light Color
    • Border Color
    • Border Width
    • Title Color
    • Top Label Color
    • Bottom Label Color
    • Switch On Color
    • Switch Off Color
    • Detail Label Color
    • Accessory Arrow Color
    • Scrollbar Color
    • Searchbar Color
    • Navbar Menu Color

Custom Background Image:

  • Dark Mode Image
  • Light Mode Image
  • Blur Background Image


  • Position of Search Button
    • X-offset
    • Y-offset
  • Position of Account Button
    • X-offset
    • Y-Offset


  • Center Settings Title
  • Settings Title Visibility
  • Title Value
  • Bold/Unbold Settings Title
  • Small Settings Title

Table Cells:

  • Table Cell Customization (Add/Remove Table Cells)
  • Group Connectivity
  • Group Notifications & Sounds
  • Group General
  • Hide Cells
  • Group Tweaks
  • Group Apps
  • Group System Apps
  • Table Cell Height
  • Table View Insets
  • Table View Corner Radius
  • Icons
  • Circle Icons
  • Table Cell Labels
  • Spacing
  • Remove Separators
  • Arrow Accessory
  • Hide Switches
  • Disable Detail Labels
  • Highlight Table Cells
  • Show IP for Wi-Fi
  • Show Amount of Storage

Account Cell:

  • Alternative Account Icon
  • Stock iCloud Cell
  • Hide Search Icon
  • Hide Account Icon
  • Hide Profile Picture
  • iCloud Profile Picture
  • Account Image Position
  • Change Custom Names
    • Name
    • Subtitle
  • Account Cell Height


  • Manual Slider Adjustment
  • Banner
    • Banner Spacer
    • Banner Height
  • Center Labels
    • Center Labels in Submenus
  • Spoof Storage w/ Storage Amount
  • Advanced Storage Details
  • Hide Search Bar
  • Hide Search Bar Background
  • Search Bar Corner Radius
  • Show Jailbreak Icon
    • Clear Jailbreak Icon Cache
  • Show Device and iOS
  • Hide Update Badge
  • Default Tweak Icon for Tweaks that Don’t Have One
  • Hide Scrollbar
  • Nav Bar Menu
  • Confirmation Popup for Menu
  • Uptime Cell
  • About Page Spoofing
    • Software Version
    • Model Name
    • Model Number
    • Serial Number
  • Battery Spoofing

Reset Preferences

Thanks to RuntimeOverflow for providing a lot of help during the development of the tweak (including the table cell hiding).

Return Policy

Change of Mind:

Change of mind returns are allowed within 24 hours of purchase being made under acceptable circumstances. Excessively rude or vulgar refund requests will be rejected.

Issue Based Return:

Refunds requested due to issues such as safe modes or graphical bugs must provide clear details of the issue. Further information may be asked if the request is ambiguous. Refund requests may be closed if no response is made within 7 days.

Incompatibility Return:

Please note that we do not bear any responsibility and therefore we do not satisfy any refund/return/exchange requests based on incompatibility of our products with third-party software (Tweaks), as we do not have control over other tweaks. We don’t guarantee that our products are fully compatible with any third-party programs and we do not provide support for other third-party tweaks.

Other Returns:

If you refund request does not fall within one of the above categories the request will be evaluated at my own discretion.

Please Note:

Processing of refunds can take up to 7 days and if accepted funds should be made available within 3-5 business days depending on method of payment. I reserve the right to reject refunds at my own discretion. Frequent returns are closely monitored. Excessive returns by a single user will be flagged and potentially refused at my discretion. Failure to read the description of the tweak and in turn this policy will result in a request being declined.

Credits: Velox Reloaded

What’s New in Version 2.1.1



  • Fixed a crash when opening the settings of the tweak on RootHide-based jailbreaks/semi-jailbreaks.
  • Fixed an issue where the tweak settings would be duplicated under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where enabling the "Advanced Storage Details" option would cause the TweakSettings application to hang.
  • Fixed a bug where applying settings via the TweakSettings application caused the app to go blank after the animation. Now it just applies it and then you can open the Settings app manually.