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Version History


  • Music Widget:

    • Fix default corner radius for music widget artwork
    • Music controls are now larger and easier to tap/hit
    • Adjusted button padding
  • Weather widget:

    • Fixed alignment of temperature and high/low labels
  • General:

    • Fixed random crash that could occur when scrolling through widgets
    • Speed optimizations
    • Moved DRM to maintainer scripts
    • Switched to new domain
    • A license download alert is no longer shown to the user when respringing for the first time


  • Added support for iOS 14.5 and 14.6 betas


  • Fixed “CAL” text being cut off on the Activity widget
  • Fixed issues when using FloatingDock combined with NoPassAfterRespring (or a similar tweak)
  • Changed developer branding
  • Fixed issues on Procursus with maintainer scripts


  • Automatically detect iPhone X Dock style when enabled via other tweaks (to fix layout bugs)
  • If license fails to download, the user will now be alerted with the reason
  • Fixed dock background alpha would going back to 1 when switching between light and dark mode
  • Fixed dock background alpha not changing with iPad style dock
  • Automatically adjust width for iPad style dock
  • Fixed dock height not automatically adjusting with iPad dock until the user switched widgets. Height will now be adjusted after exiting edit mode.
  • Fixed dock height being set too high with iPad style dock
  • The original corner radius is now preserved when using iPad style dock (Multipla no longer adjusts this)
  • Memory optimizations when loading tweak hooks
  • Changes to the mparunner tool


  • Fix hooks not loading


  • Fix hooks not loading


  • Fixed music widget album art custom sizing not working
  • Fixed the dock being visible on the today view for non-notched devices
  • Fixed touches being blocked on the lockscreen by alerts
  • Fixed a spelling mistake


  • General fixes:

    • Multipla API has been updated. Developers, please reference
    • If a widget is not selected, it’s bundle is no longer loaded at all
    • Fixed a possible out of index crash with 3rd party widget loading
    • Fixed a bug that would cause Multipla to crash when a third party widget was uninstalled but was still selected in preferences
    • Only the widgets that are selected to display on the dock are now created (bug in older versions)
    • Fixed a crash on iOS 14 when tapping the music artwork while a song was playing
    • Fixed an issue where tapping the music artwork would not open an app unless the user-specified some value other than the default
    • Fixed an issue on non notched devices with iPhone X Style dock when the apps widget was disabled
    • Fixed an issue where the page label would not show the correct widget name
  • General changes:

    • Multipla’s widgets are now bundled separately
    • Complete overhaul to widget loading now that legacy switching is removed
    • Added an option to disable Apps “widget”
    • Multipla now contains two dylibs, one for injection into SpringBoard, and the other for injection into the Health app
    • Removed legacy switching and old code
    • Dropped iOS 12 support (if you are still on iOS 12, please use version 2.0.0)
    • Removed quick selector and image assets that were only needed for iOS 12
    • The page label will now respect RTL languages and right align its contents
    • The dock will no longer switch to the default widget when going to homescreen if the dock is currently in locked mode (before, this was not the case, and locked mode only prevented the user from switching widgets)
    • Package size has been reduced by around 50% due to the removal of things mentioned above
  • Home Widget:

    • New Home Widget UI
    • Changed how the home widget gets the current home
    • Add error messages when home actions fail to execute
    • Fixed action sets that were deleted showing up on the dock
  • Weather widget:

    • Slight UI Changes for the Weather Widget labels
    • Fixed weather widget settings not working properly
    • The condition image on the weather widget will not be colored properly
    • Fixed weather widget condition description being incorrect
    • Removed unneeded code
  • Activity widget:

    • Slight UI Changes for the Activity Widget labels
    • Activity widget now loads data faster
    • Fixed an issue where the widget would tell the user it failed to update, even though it updated successfully
  • Music Widget:

    • Optimized music info update block to minimize function calls
    • Changed how the music widget gets the currently playing app and audio route (for example, AirPods Pro)
    • Fixed issues where tapping the artwork would open the app that was previously playing media instead of the default app
    • Added a now playing icon option, which behaves in a similar way to the icon on the music player in iOS 14.2+. (Can be turned off in settings)
  • Preferences:

    • Redid code for selecting widgets
    • Changed default widget order
    • The “Black Text” option is now removed in favor of the “Dark Text and Images” option
    • The “lock dock” is now disabled by default
    • Added a notice to indicate forcing iPhone X style dock does not work on iOS 14


  • Simplified lots of the code
  • Massive changes under the hood
  • Added reset preferences button
  • Changed the fruit that shows in the message after installing to 🥖
  • Cut size down by combing floating dock and regular dock hooks
  • Slightly increased the required time to long press the dock in order to go back to Apps (to prevent accidental activation)
  • Fixed issues where the select widgets controller would take a long time to apply (now applies instantly)
  • Greatly improve the widget viewing consistency across all notched devices (widgets will now be correctly placed for both Standard and Max devices, also note this positioning can still be manually adjusted via preferences)
  • Rewrote UI code for battery widget
  • Fixes issues with Battery Widget not loading
  • Fixed random respring with Battery Widget
  • Removed the option for “non modern” battery widget style due to low demand and because it was ugly
  • Battery widget now centers the devices it shows
  • Optimized battery widget to have even less impact on performance
  • Rewrote UI code for module/power widget
  • The ldrestart button on the Module Widget now works
  • Fixed issue where UICache on Module Widget would do nothing
  • The module widget now asks for confirmation before performing actions (the lock device button does not)
  • Rewrote UI code for Home widget
  • Home widget is now out of beta, and home actions load consistently now! (Make sure you added the home control center module in order for this to work)
  • Revamped haptic feedbacks (now uses “taptic” feedback)
  • Removed “Auto widget refresh” options and now opted for just refreshing widgets when switching to a new widget is complete.
  • Removed options for manual widget offset, since positioning is now fixed
  • Rewrote UI code for Activity widget
  • Added a popup for when tweak injection to the Health app fails
  • Activity data now displays as zeroes when there is no activity summary for the given day
  • Rewrote UI code for Weather widget
  • Rewrote UI code for Music widget
  • Music widget labels now automatically go back to the start once the widget displays, and pauses scrolling when widget is hidden
  • Added artwork scale options
  • Fixed some cases where widgets would refresh when they should not have
  • Added scroll mode! Scroll through your widgets as if they were SpringBoard pages. Long press to jump back to the your apps. Never before has switching been so fluid! Note: Using this with floating dock disables recent apps section
  • Fix issue with page label being too low on some devices
  • Improved “black text” and “dark theme” options
  • Rewrote code for external widget handling!
  • Added support for UI theming out of box (using Snowboard UI extension) on iOS 13!
  • Addressed optimization issues with Quick Selector
  • Fixed issues with Quick Selector buttons not properly changing between light and dark mode
  • Fixed issue where QuickSelector would appear too low
  • Widgets now properly get cut off at the end of the dock background
  • Fixed an issue with Springtomize 4/5
  • Fixed crash in settings for iPad users
  • iPad is now supported! 🎉
  • Added full support for RTL languages
  • Fixed issues with Today View on non notched devices


  • Fixes apps not being put into the app switcher in combination with Springtomize 5
  • Fixed a respring loop on installation


  • Fix random crashes when loading SpringBoard for some users
  • Added custom widget offset options for x and y axis, as the math to get them centered is incorrect on some devices


  • Fixed Multipla Quick Switcher being behind icons with Xen HTML
  • Added an easter egg to prefs
  • Fixed issues with the Multipla API
  • Fixed issues with Activity data on Unc0ver
  • Rewrote how health data is received (now Multipla uses IPC between Health app and SpringBoard, so no access denied errors)
  • Cleaned up quick switcher code to ensure the haptics did not go off if the switcher was not visible
  • Fixed an issue where if Quick Switcher was disabled, no activation options would work
  • Added an option for no activation gesture, so you can have the option of only using the Quick Switcher
  • Fixed Weather Widget reading as a tornado
  • Package license download now only occurs once, and never again, after a successful license download


  • Fix missing icons


  • Fix missing icons


  • improve and optimize core methods involving widget switching
  • fix issues where SpringBoard would consume large portions of power
  • optimize the core methods involved in widget refreshes
  • fix widgets auto refreshing with auto refresh off
  • further help decrease battery drains and extra CPU useage
  • Add more translations/localizations
  • Fixed Bazzi and Bazzi 2 conflicts


  • Added module widget for power actions (use Veza and its Multipla widget for a real CC in the dock)
  • Added Bazzi series as a conflict because it causes a crash when switching to the battery widget which is unfixable by me (Bazzi causes an Bad Instruction exception due to it hooking the layoutSubviews method to modify the appearance of battery icons)
  • Fix crashes that would occur after installing for some users
  • Fixed background crashes of the MultiplaHelper process that causes battery drain.
  • Made the activity widget a lot neater and better looking
  • Huge code optimizations, especially in order to auto center and scale widgets
  • Fix weather widget issues for Chinese users


  • Beta FloatingDock support
  • Landscape support
  • Fix crash for some users
  • Fix scaling issues on iPhone SE
  • add language localizations for more languages
  • experimental iPad support
  • Fixed issue where app icons would glitch onto the dock when exiting an app that was in the dock when a widget was showing
  • Added Docky support (make sure to set activation gesture NOT to left/right)
  • Fixed visual glitch that would occur when swiping widgets at high speeds using left-right animation
  • Introduced an option to automatically cycle through widgets instead of performing refreshes (start auto swipe by performing a manual switch gesture, stop by doing a manual gesture again)
  • Fixed possible issues with the auto refresh option failing to update
  • Battery widget now instantly updates when the status of a connected device changes
  • Charging devices will now show a charging (bolt) indicator in their battery icon when charging (NOT if the percent inside battery icon option is on)
  • Tapping the rings on the activity widget opens the activity app
  • Music labels now scroll together even if they are different lengths
  • Tapping the music artwork will now open whichever app is now playing, if no app is now playing, it will open the app of your choice via settings
  • Fixed non-tweak-related crashing of the select widgets page for some users
  • Refined existing animations under-the-hood
  • Removed the grabber at the request of the designer of the concept
  • Known issues:
  • With FloatingDock, you cannot switch Multipla widgets in app


  • Initial release