Version History


  • Reduced the file size significantly
  • Fix visual bugs inside the lyrics view
  • Migrated to the new lyrics API and implement better error handling
  • Addressed major instability issues on arm64e devices running iOS 14+
  • Removed the reliance of unnecessary dependencies and fixed compatibility issues
  • Improved the reliability of hooks within tweak integrations like Flow and Quart


  • Fixed an issue where libswift would be forced to install even on devices running iOS 12.2+
  • Changed the developer branding from Renaitare to Aarnav Tale


  • Updated the UI on iPads to show a close button
  • Conflict the tweak with Lyricize and NoTheft


  • Rewrote all of the UI in Swift
  • Added support for Vinyl and Quart
  • Updated to use Musixmatch for lyrics
  • Handle Sylph being broken on iOS 14
  • Rewrote preferences so they look nice again
  • Replace double tap mode with discreet mode
  • Fix an issue where Lyricify would infinitely create buttons on iOS 14
  • Rewrote the cache system so it can handle live lyrics (eta s0n)


  • Added official support for iOS 14.2 to 14.4
  • Fixed a few visual bugs while viewing lyrics


  • Fixed a bug where the screen wouldn’t turn off if you received a notification, causing the device to heat up.
  • Updated to new lyrics provider in preparation for live lyrics 👀


  • Fixed file permissions so that certain users can activate the tweak


  • Fixed an issue with the credits in the Lyricify settings


  • Rewritten the tweak from the ground up.
  • New API to provide lyrics for songs.
  • Drop support for versions below iOS 13.
  • Added the ability to view lyrics offline
  • Redesigned preferences
  • Fixed a few stability issues