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The ultimate Lyrics tweak for iOS!

Have you ever wondered what your favourite song lyrics were? Well without Apple Music, it’s a rather tedious task to search them up. Introducing Lyricify…

Lyricify lets you easily view the lyrics to your favourite songs directly on your lockscreen. With a simple tap of a button you can open a gorgeous view of your lyrics, designed to stay true to the iOS design language. With support for Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Tidal, and any other application that has proper music playback, you’re all set to have the best experience possible.

OLED Device?

Don’t worry we got you covered with Blackout Mode. A feature introducing deep black backgrounds, suited for OLED devices and you night owls.

Don’t like the button?

We got you covered here too. Check out Discreet, a feature which hides the button and lets you access lyrics by tapping and holding on the album art or music widget. Suited for those who prefer a cleaner experience.

Internet Issues?

Don’t worry, because Lyricify automatically caches and stores lyrics offline for you.

Don’t like the default music player?

Lyricify comes with support for Quart, Flow, Sylph (iOS 13), and Vinyl. Enjoy your lyrics with each of these tweaks. Discreet mode is used to keep the clean look of each player. Keep in mind that Quart requires you to tap and hold the entire music widget, not just the album art.

Support & Refund Policy

Refunds are allowed due to the following reasons:

  • Change of mind (24 hour period)
  • Too many issues or other reasons

Refunds are not allowed due to the following reasons:

  • Incompatibility with tweaks not listed
  • Inaccurate lyrics (I can’t fix that)

Have any questions? Feel free to shoot an email to
Please make sure to send a screenshot with proof of purchase to speed up your support time!

What’s New in Version 2.1.4-1

  • Reduced the file size significantly
  • Fix visual bugs inside the lyrics view
  • Migrated to the new lyrics API and implement better error handling
  • Addressed major instability issues on arm64e devices running iOS 14+
  • Removed the reliance of unnecessary dependencies and fixed compatibility issues
  • Improved the reliability of hooks within tweak integrations like Flow and Quart