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Introducing Lyricify

Lyricify is a tweak that is designed to show you your favourite song lyrics, directly on your lock screen. The custom lyrics view is designed to stand out whilst mimicking Apple’s designs, this makes it fit really well with your system.

The lyrics button automatically replaces the AirPlay / Connectivity button on the Media Controls making it fit in with the system style and the rest of the controls.

Lyricify shows lyrics for songs that have missing lyrics on Apple Music, but it will also show lyrics for streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud.


  • Blackout mode
    • Set all colours to black or white, great at night and for OLED displays
  • Flow + Sylph Support
    • Double tap on the album art to show the lyrics view, clean and simple!
  • Lyrics for any song or streaming service
    • Thanks to ksoft, Lyricify is able to provide lyrics for any song on any streaming platform. Days of Lyrics being restricted to Apple Music is finally over!
  • When your song changes, the lyrics change
    • When you reach the end of a song or you skip the song using headphones, Lyricify will detect this and automatically update itself to show the current lyrics!

If you have an issue or you would like to request a new feature in Lyricify. You can create an Issue on the Bug Tracker

I would like to thank EvenDev and Tr1Fecta for their contributions to the project. I would also like to thank Thenatis for the original idea.

I will only accept refund requests with legitimate reasons. Lyrics not being correct is NOT a valid reason, it is not an issue with me, it is an issue with my lyric provider, ksoft.

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Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 12.0 - 13.6. Jailbreak required.

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