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Version History


  • New touch gesture action: Open Control Center
  • Hide Notification Summary when LastLook is visible
  • Fix time not updating on iOS 15 for some users


  • Add rootless support
  • Fix Respring button in settings


  • Add rootless support


  • Workaround orientation issues that could come up when locking device while in landscape
  • Checkl0ck support: fix device not locking immediately when LastLook shows
  • Refreshed tweak icon


  • New option “Prevent charger from waking screen” in AOD Mode settings pane. When enabled, it will prevent screen wakes when plugging/unplugging your charger
  • Force lowering screen refresh rate when LastLook is visible. It could potentially help reducing battery consumption on devices with ProMotion screens
  • Support for Dodo tweak (requires latest Dodo update too)
  • UI Adjustments: fix notification backgrounds sometimes staying black after dismissing LastLook
  • Fix DRM causing false positives for users who have LinTui option enabled in Xina jailbreak


  • Add support for iOS 15


  • New option “Notification Center animation when locking from apps and Home Screen” (located under Miscellaneous)
  • Shortcuts actions: now uses embedded parameters for a cleaner look
  • Fix LastLook not reenabling correctly after disabling it from CCModule (or Shortcuts actions) and respringing


  • Fix arm64e slice for iOS 13 devices


  • Add actions to control LastLook settings using the Shortcuts app (you need to install Powercuts separately if you want to use them). By using this you can for example use Siri to change settings, Automations to have different LastLook settings depending on phone conditions (battery, time of the day…), …
  • Fix battery indicator sometimes stopping updating because of other tweaks (causing wrong %)
  • Add Powercuts to “My Other Tweaks” section
  • Fix Tako tweak showing as installed in settings even when it’s not


  • Initial release on Chariz (switched from Packix)
  • Hopefully fix a Tap to Wake bug which rarely happens with no obvious reason on some devices
  • Some optimizations and minor improvements