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Get a last look at your phone when you lock it - AOD tweak that really feels stock, with endless possibilities.

Do you often lock your phone then unlock it instantly to check the hour, or if you have a pending notification? Or want to control your music without unlocking your device? Or just want to show off to your friends with an awesome look and Jedi gestures? If yes, then LastLook is for you!

What users are saying about LastLook?

  • “After having used LastLook @AnthoPak for about a week or so, it is added to my approved list of good AOD tweaks. […] Final verdict: LastLook is very much worth it. It supports both iPhone and iPad and I recommend you give it a try! […] Oh yeah and forgot to say: It barely drains any battery, just the usual usage + a little bit more. I use it on my LCD device (iPhone XR and haven’t noticed any excessive drainage)” - @FectaTr1 (Full review here)
  • “I want to preface by saying holy smokes LastLook is the always on display tweak of my dreams. I can tell you poured a lot of effort into this tweak, and it is working great. […] I absolutely love the wave to dismiss feature. Makes me feel like a Jedi. Truly, keep up the amazing work! […] I love the effort you’ve invested in supporting a variety of lock screen tweaks, and love how beautifully stock and fluid LastLook feels.” - Lance F.
  • “It’s the best always on/ambient display tweak out there. If you liked Ph**on but thought it needed some polishing, then this is for you!! I use it on the daily, very handy stuff.” - @chrismonster16
  • “Thank you for not adding unnecessary bloat to make it seem like it has more features.(it has tons) Tweak is amazing & beautiful. Had an iphX forever and this is the first AOD I was willing to try. Also, the explanations for each setting are worth $1 a piece, by themselves. 💯” - @iPhizzle

Useful, Gorgeous look

Every time you lock your phone, it will show content from your Notification Center for a few seconds, while fading out your wallpaper for a clean look. And since LastLook 2.0 with AOD mode, you have the ability to show it for an infinite time!
And for those of you who have the chance to have an OLED screen, it will look even more gorgeous!
A video is way better than words, check out videos in the top carousel to see it in action!

Almost stock

LastLook is made so that it doesn’t change the stock locking process. So when LastLook is visible, your phone will still be in locked state, thus you’ll be able to use Raise to Wake or Tap to Wake to resume the screen.
Also, it triggers every time your phone gets locked, either it’s when using Lock button, Activator action, or if the phone locks itself due to inactivity.

Main features

Short & AOD Modes

LastLook intelligently chooses between the two modes according to your configuration. If AOD should be disabled because of some of your conditions, it fallbacks to Short mode.

  • Short Mode: shows LastLook for some seconds after each lock
  • AOD Mode: shows LastLook until you hide it manually or if one of your configured conditions is met
  • Disabling mode conditions for both modes (under battery percent, LPM enabled, DND enabled…). If AOD is disabled because of some condition, it switches to Short mode (unless Short mode should also be disabled because of some conditions)

Ambient mode

LastLook transitions to this mode after a few seconds, automatically centering your essential content.

  • Choose to only keep date visible while in Ambient mode, or to keep everything visible
  • Configurable delay before switching to Ambient mode
  • Exit Ambient mode when receiving notifications or on music changes
  • Custom positioning, scale factor and animation duration


Several configurable touch gestures to interact with LastLook, and control your music. Also includes hand wave above screen to sleep it!

  • Swipe and Tap gestures to perform a list of actions (sleep/wake screen or control music)
  • Swipe Up from extreme bottom Gesture to Wake and auto request Face ID unlock for a superquick phone unlocking
  • Turn screen off special gestures (phone face down, phone in pocket, wave your hand above proximity sensor)
  • Ability to forward touches after wake to allow touches on media buttons (for example)
  • Haptic Feedback

Notifications indicators

Configurable notifications indicators to get a quick look at your notifications and to make sure you don’t miss any!

  • App icons indicators
  • Colored pulsing Dots indicators with configurable settings
  • Filter indicators to unread notifications only
  • Only show indicators in Ambient Mode
  • Don’t move indicators in Ambient Mode
  • Custom positioning, size and spacing

Other features

  • Battery indicator with percentage and state (charging, LPM, normal)
  • Always show while charging (even if in LPM, DND, or under battery percent)
  • UI Adjustments: always see your content on a true black screen (hide notifications/media backgrounds, force white text, force white media buttons)
  • Configurable screen burn in protection
  • Inactivity detection to stop AOD after some time

You can chose the elements you want to keep on screen when you lock the phone:

  • Hour and date (compatible with Kalm, JellyFish, …)
  • Unread notifications
  • Old notifications
  • Media player
  • Status Bar
  • Other tweaks (Xen HTML, LockPlus Pro, Complications, Veza, Lune, Notchless)

iOS Shortcuts Integration

LastLook brings actions to the Shortcuts app to control its settings. Although LastLook already brings a lot of settings to choose when it should be enabled or not, some of you may have specific use cases. For example, you can use Automations to change the max AOD duration depending on device battery, etc… You can even control LastLook using Siri! You need to install Powercuts library (free) to get the actions.


It’s compatible with all devices from iOS 12 to 15. iPad support is included.
It’s fully compatible with tweaks that modify the hour view and even looks more gorgeous with them (I’ve tried with Kalm and JellyFish, feel free to ask me for others). It’s also compatible with tweaks modifying the media player or notifications (like Sylph, Axon, Grupi, …).

Issues & Contact

If you encounter any issue with the tweak, please contact me and I’ll do my best to fix it. And if I can’t do anything to fix it, I will have no problem to refund your purchase.
Feel free to follow me on my Twitter @AnthoPak to get live updates about my tweaks.

Another demo video:

What’s New in Version 3.6.5

  • New touch gesture action: Open Control Center
  • Hide Notification Summary when LastLook is visible
  • Fix time not updating on iOS 15 for some users