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Version History


  • Fixed an issue where Kalm would be hidden/in the wrong position


  • Fixed default margin on iOS 14
  • Fixed a safe mode crash with a specific setup when changing the up next appearance to “mini”
  • Fixed an issue where up next would be updated a lot when having an overdue reminder
  • Added custom scale of Kalm when wind-down/bed time is shown
  • Added spacing adjustment for up next header and up next events
  • Added toggle to enable/disable the charging view
  • Added toggle to enable/disable fixed time string insets
  • Added toggle to enable/disable debug mode to display problems & show frame borders
  • Removed hard-coded font limitations
  • Optimized settings
  • Optimized main appearances
  • Fix for iOS 13 crash with modal views
  • Fix for iOS 13 issue with today view


  • Added Color Picker (libSparkColourPicker)
  • Added Custom Horizontal Margin
  • Added Icons for Up Next
  • Added multiple Alarms in Up Next
  • Added Custom Size and Color for Icons
  • Added Event Time Color Option
  • Removed interval for Up Next and automatically update Events on Calendar, Reminder or Alarm change
  • Fix for Color not adapating correctly to changing from light to dark wallpaper
  • Fix for Battery view showing up instead of changing Date label
  • Fix for Drop-Shadow randomly appearing on Labels
  • Fix for rare iOS14 Crash
  • Code clean-up


  • Fixes a crash on notched devices on 14.(1?)+.


  • Added iOS14 Support
  • Optimized Calendar Selection in Kalm Settings (Grouped by Account)
  • Optimized Wallpaper Color Detection
  • Optimized ColorFlow Support
  • Fixed Custom Space on Weather not working in Compact Appearance
  • Fixed Random SpringBoard Crash linked with Notifications


  • Added seperate failsafe for Reminders and Calendars app
  • Optimized LatchKey compatibility
  • Fixed rare SpringBoard crash when tapping on a Notification
  • Version bump to 2.1.1 because of versioning error in 2.0.5 (should’ve been 2.1.0)
  • Code cleanup


  • Added possibility to switch weather icon and label
  • Added possibility to switch time and weather view with Compact Appearance
  • Added possibility to enable condition or location with Compact Appearance
  • Added possibility to hide the Up Next event time - Cheers Chris :)
  • Fixed issue with events not having the correct order with 12-hour mode
  • Fixed issue with weird resizing on iPads
  • Fixed issue on devices that use RTL languages
  • Fixed issue where the media player could appear too low (CF5)
  • Fixed issue where changing the wallpaper would result in a SpringBoard crash if Quart was installed


  • Fixed SpringBoard crash linked with notifications list
  • Fixed rare SpringBoard crash when using custom fonts


  • Fixed time being tinted even if tinting was disabled, when third-party coloring is enabled
  • Fixed ‘Follow me on Twitter’ button in settings
  • Added ‘Report a Bug’ button in settings
  • Added toggle to disable auto positioning


  • Fixed issues with custom fonts being cut off.
  • Custom fonts need manual adjustments in settings for optimal look.
  • Fixed DND icon not being aligned properly.
  • Fixed auto-adjustment of position when custom position was negative.
  • Fixed incorrect Up Next alignment when Up Next header was not hidden.
  • Fixed certain time/date formats leading to a safe mode crash.
  • Fixed auto-adjust color re-enabling automatically.
  • Fixed time being tinted with third-party color when tinting for time was disabled.


  • Removed duplicated general settings


  • Added main appearance styles
  • Added weather appearance styles
  • Added next up appearance styles
  • Added element to be tinted selection
  • Added font selection
  • Added toggle to show same day events only
  • Optimized the way how events are loaded and handled


  • Optimized LatchKey and Quart checks
  • Disabled auto adjustment for third-party colors
  • Fixed lock icon alignment issues


  • Adjusted Dynamic Coloring
  • Added Vibrancy Effect
  • Added Secondary Color coloring by Artsy & ColorFlow
  • Fixed conflicting Tweak Issues (LatchKey, Photon, OneNotify, Centaur and LockPlus Pro)
  • Fixes 0% Battery showing
  • Fixes Font not updating
  • Fixes Cut off Labels


  • Fixes Kalm & Quart alignment issue
  • Fixes changelog reappearing every respring


  • Added Custom Sizing and Positioning
  • Added Better Color Selection
  • Added Privacy Mode
  • Added KalmAPI
  • Improved Dynamic Coloring
  • Improved Dynamic Padding
  • Fixed an issue where Dynamic Coloring would not update with dark & light mode switching
  • Fixed an issue where AM/PM would be hidden if a custom time format was used
  • Fixed an issue where battery % would not be aligned
  • Fixed an issue where notifications would cut off on the bottom
  • Fixed an issue where the clock would move up too far randomly
  • Fixed an issue where enabling DND mode would rarely lead to a crash on iOS 12
  • Fixed an issue with ColorFlow 5


  • Initial release on Chariz


  • Initial release