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This product is currently not available for purchase.

A beautiful first sight

Kalm is a beautiful first sight when you look at your device. It’s soft, it’s modern, it’s clean – always tinted in your wallpapers colors so it fits right in.


Kalm shows the current temperature and weather conditions on your lockscreen. You’ll never forget to bring your umbrella, your gloves or your bathing suit.

If you want to add some color to your weather Kalm let’s you disable the tinting of the weather condition icon, so if it’s sunny you will get your native yellow sun. Don’t like the icon at all? You can just hide it!

Want to really know what the temperature feels like? Just enable the apparent temperature in settings and get the “feels like” temperature.

Up next

Kalm also shows you what’s coming up in your calendar, any reminders you’ve set or your upcoming alarms. You won’t miss any important events anymore and will always know what’s up next.

Have many calendars? Don’t worry, with Kalm you can decide which calendars to use. Select any calendar you want and disable those pesky National Holiday and other subscribed calendars. You can also tell it to show full day events or not. Wondering which calendar the event comes from? Just enable the color indicator and a small colored bar will indicate from which calendar the event comes from!

If you like living on the edge, you can set the maximum days ahead to one day and Kalm will only show events that occur the next day. If you like to be prepared, set it to one week and you’ll be ready for your next event.

If you’re a busy person and have many upcoming events or reminders, you can now show up to 5 events/reminders on your lockscreen!

Don’t want to be bothered on certain days by your upcoming events? Just disable them with the Scheduling feature!

Need some privacy? Enable the privacy mode and your events won’t show until your device is unlocked.


You can change the Main, Weather and Up Next appearance, align Kalm, choose a different wallpaper color and change the adaptive colors saturation or brightness with ease, or even disable the adaptive colors completely – however you like it. Kalm also changes the alignment of the lock icon and colors the time and the Up Next label if you want it to. Want some vibrancy on your lockscreen? Enable the vibrancy option in Colors to get a transparent and vibrant Kalm.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the upcoming events but still want to show them? You can now switch to a more compact style of Kalm which will display events and reminders in only one line and doesn’t clutter your lock screen as much.

Annoyed by Kalm’s automated colors? Just select your own by providing a # Hex code and override the colors. You can also change the offsets of the position of Kalm and the padding between the notifications.

Is Kalm too small or too large for you or just want larger weather? Freely adjust the font size and weight of all the elements – including the gap after the element!

WANT Kalm TO SCREAM? Enable the case conversion and make everything upper- or lowercase.

Use Artsy or ColorFlow? Kalm updates it’s colors accordingly if you select Third-party Colors in the Colors section.

Bored by the stock date or time format? Create your own date format by using the formattings provided by

Tweak compatibility

Kalm works with Artsy, ColorFlow, LatchKey, Quart, Photon, Axon, Grupi, Tritium, Lisa, HomeTime, Complications, AOD, Libellum, Watermelon, and Xen HTML. And probably more. If you have other lockscreen tweaks that work with Kalm, please let me know!

  • Notifica: Known to cause issues, please disable it in iCleaner to be sure the issue is not related to Notifica.
  • ProudLock Xr: Make sure to use Version 1.0.
  • Xen HTML: Make sure to show the lockscreen clock on all pages.

Every option you can think of


  • Change Main Appearance
  • Change Alignment
  • Toggle Weather
  • Toggle Up Next


  • Change Weather Aappearance
  • Toggle Condition Icon
  • Set Condition Icon Size
  • Toggle Location
  • Toggle Condition
  • Toggle Apparent Temperature (Feels like)
  • Set update interval

Up Next

  • Change Up Next Appearance
  • Toggle Up Next Header
  • Toggle Calendar Events
  • Toggle Reminder Events
  • Toggle Alarm Events
  • Toggle Privacy Mode
  • Select Calendars
  • Toggle Started Events
  • Toggle All Day Events
  • Toggle Same Day Only
  • Toggle Event Location
  • Toggle Calendar Color Indicator
  • Change Calendar Color Indicator Character
  • Toggle Overdue Reminders
  • Select Maximum Events shown
  • Select Maximum Lines of the Event Title
  • Select Maximum Time Ahead of the Event
  • Set update interval
  • Set a schedule for the Up Next view to show – either by day or time


  • Toggle Colors
  • Toggle Third-Party Coloring
  • Select Elements to be tinted
  • Select Accent Color from Wallpaper
  • Toggle Custom Color
  • Toggle Auto Adjust Brightness
  • Toggle Vibrancy
  • Change Accent Color Saturation
  • Change Accent Color Brightness


  • Change Fonts
  • Change Font Sizes
  • Change Font Weights
  • Change Gaps

Time and date formats

  • Change Date Format
  • Change Time Format
  • Change Date/Time locale


  • Change Alignment
  • Toggle Lock Icon Alignment
  • Toggle Case Conversion to upper- or lowercase
  • Change Position
  • Change Notification Padding
  • Enable the Do Not Disturb icon
  • Disable stretching between elements when pulling/dragging the lockscreen


  1. Make sure to manually add a location to your Weather app. Don’t worry it will still take your location services location if you have it enabled. If you are using an iPad with iPad OS please make sure to use the Weather Widget to have the weather option working properly.
  2. Try (re-)installing the stock Weather, Calendars and Reminders app from Apple!
  3. Try disabling all Tweaks except Kalm in iCleaner to check if there is a conflicting tweak.
  4. Try removing the Kalm preferences file in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and respring.

For issues that can’t be fixed with these steps please use this GitHub support page.

Return policy

A refund will be issued if the tweak has a major reproducible bug that can‘t be fixed within 7 days. If the issue is not clear you will be asked to provide more details (Crashlog, tweak list for example). Change of mind refunds are granted if the purchase is within 24 hours and a valid reason is provided. Refund requests can be rejected at my own discretion. Refund requests because “it’s not what I expected” will be rejected, the tweaks depiction and its images provide a good description of what to expect. Refund requests may be closed within 7 days of no reply.

Replying to a refund request can take up to 7 days. Refunds are monitored and excessive returns by a single user are flagged and will be declined at my own discretion.

What’s New in Version 3.0.3

  • Fixed an issue where Kalm would be hidden/in the wrong position