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Control from your status bar.

The status bar in stock iOS is arguably one of the most underutilized parts of the OS. Indy brings functionality to your status bar in a clean, unobtrusive way. Tap certain status bar elements to reveal menus with useful information. Those menus can then be tapped to reveal even more. Some specific menus even have special features accessible by long pressing!

Feature List:

  • Time menu
    • Menu shows current date
    • Tap the expanded menu to reveal your choice of (a) day of the week or (b) current time zone city
    • Chose custom date format
  • Carrier Bars / Carrier Label menu
    • Menu shows carrier name
    • When WiFi is off, tapping the expanded menu will reveal WiFi toggle
    • When WiFi is on, tapping the expanded menu gives access to an Airplane Mode toggle
    • Long pressing will show the current connected VPN (if any) and the app icon for the VPN.
  • WiFi signal bar meu:
    • Menu shows connected WiFi network name
    • Tapping reveals WiFi toggle
    • Long pressing presents the control center’s own WiFi selection view
  • Battery menu:
    • Menu shows current battery percentage
    • Tapping shows Low Power mode toggle
    • Long pressing shows your choice of either (a) a respring/reboot power slider, or (b) your current estimated battery health (within a few percentage points)
  • Choose which of Indy’s menus to enable
  • Configure the vertical position of Indy’s menus along the status bar
  • Increase the duration needed for long presses to be registered
  • Choose dark/light blur
  • Choose black/white text
  • Enable/disable a full screen blur effect when using Indy Power slider (similar to the stock iOS power menu)
  • Tap the power slider to toggle between respring/reboot mode (configure a default in settings)


Indy supports all iPhones running all iOS 13 versions (both non notched and notched devices). iPads, and devices on iOS 12 or lower are not supported.

Refund Policy

Change of Mind: Change of mind returns are allowed within 24 hours of purchase being made under acceptable circumstances. Rude or vulgar refund requests will be denied.

Issue Based Return: Refunds requested due to issues such as crashes (safe modes) or graphical bugs must provide clear details of the issue. Further information may be asked in order to help resolve the issue. Requests may be closed if there is no response within 7 days.

Incompatibility Return: No refund requests based on incompatibility with other tweaks and/or software will be filled, as I do not have control over other software and therefore cannot guarantee that compatibility is possible. I do not have any responsibility for, nor do I have any control over third-party tweaks.

Other: Other refund requests will be evaluated at my discretion.

What’s New in Version 1.2.0

  • (Much needed) smoother animations when expanding menus
  • Fix content unintentionally animating itself when moving in for the first time
  • Fixed VPN info not updating until the second time the menu was presented
  • Changed developer branding