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Version History


  • Fixes crashes on iOS 15 - Note iOS 15+ is still not supported
  • Built for rootless jailbreaks
  • Fixes color algorithm regressions from 1.0.2
  • Various optimizations


  • Adds Mitsuha Forever coloring support on the lockscreen
  • Hide shadows now hides the media source as well
  • Fixes crashing when music stops playing on Face ID devices
  • Fixes caching not working inside the Music app
  • Fixes the statusbar sometimes not returning to its original color when media has stopped playing
  • Fixes the mini player in the Music app not always updating to color the correct song


  • Adds an option to color the lock screen elements
  • Fixes media buttons not being colored without the shuffe/repeat buttons enabled
  • Adds an option to customize the Y position of the lock screen player
  • Fixes some random crashes when media does not have artwork
  • Fixes icon on large screened devices
  • Fixes an issue with blue text when lock screen coloring is turned off


  • Initial Release!