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Version History


New features:

  • Added an experimental feature that allows you to customize the corner radius of Akara. Enabling this feature and setting the radius beyond a certain value may cause the modules to go out of bound. There is no solution for this other than reducing the value.


New features:

  • Akara has been updated to support all devices (limited support on iPads) that run iOS 15 or iOS 16!
  • Akara has been partially rewritten in areas where it was needed to provide the best experience for it’s users.
  • The Ease LS gesture has been re-implemented.


New features:

  • Added the option to use the native language for connectivity buttons
  • Added the option to Re-order connectivity buttons
  • Added the option to bring back the routing button on the media module
  • Added the option to reset Akara to the standard Control Center in landscape mode.
  • The text of the playing media will now marquee in the Media module.
  • Added a top-right flick gesture for notched devices to open their CC as they would normally.
  • Added an option to use both flick top-right gesture and bottom slide gesture.


  • Fixed the bottom gesture to open Akara to no longer cause issues when leaving apps.
  • Improved bottom gesture sensitivity
  • Fixed the CC modules not being in the middle on right landscape orientation
  • Removed the Ease LS gesture as it would cause the NC to get stuck


  • Initial release