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A control center tweak that builds on the nativity of stock iOS and reconfigures it to feel refreshing yet familiar. Created with customization in mind, it gives the user a variety of options to set up your control center your way. We will take into consideration features that are not currently included and that you would like to see in future updates. What is or isn’t ultimately implemented will depend on whether it can be executed without negatively impacting user experience.


  • Scrollable connectivity module
  • Multiple card sizes
  • Multiple blur styles
  • Custom image background
  • Static Wi-Fi & Bluetooth icons
  • Static slider icons
  • Customizable slider dimensions
  • Customizable media player dimensions
  • Module transparency options
  • Easy lock screen invocation
  • Statusbar option
  • Magma Evo support
  • Customizable corner radius (EXPERIMENTAL)


To invoke on home screen or lock screen simply swipe up on the bottom right corner of the screen and to dismiss tap anywhere on the screen or swipe back down.

It comes with a preset installed to give you a foundation to work with. To change the arrangement or add additional modules access the control center menu within settings and select one of the Akara modules. Open the module menu and select new modules, hit save each time and respring to display changes.


  • CCSupport
  • libimagepicker


Returns are accepted within 24 hours and under acceptable circumstances. If there are questions or concerns regarding some functionality or feature please reach out to us first before assuming it is broken or it will not be addressed. All returns will be made and accepted at our discretion.


Akara 2.0 currently supports iOS 15 and iOS 16. Akara 1.1.0 supports iOS 14.

iPad may not currently function normally, will look into better support in coming updates.

Developed by @FectaTr1 and designed by @_Kennyroo

What’s New in Version 2.0.2


New features:

  • Added an experimental feature that allows you to customize the corner radius of Akara. Enabling this feature and setting the radius beyond a certain value may cause the modules to go out of bound. There is no solution for this other than reducing the value.