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Ainsworth 🧙

The Connecting Experience You Deserve

Don’t own Airpods, but still want the premium connecting experience? Ainsworth got you covered! Ainsworth allows you to add one of the 3 popup styles to all your bluetooth devices, and wired headphones. It does this in an elegant and modern way. You can also configure each popup to your hearts content. (see screenshots)

3 Different Styles

  • Default The default popup aims to replicate the normal Airpods popup, if you prefer a clean popup, this is the one for you.
  • Pencil The pencil banner is heavily inspired by the Apple Pencil banner, if you prefer minimal over anything, this popup will suit you perfectly.
  • Modern If all you want is as much posibilities as possible, this will be jour jam. The modern popup has 6 different actions:
    1. Volume Up
    2. Volume Down
    3. Play/Pause
    4. Siri
    5. Youtube
    6. Phone

Configure To your Liking

You can configure each device separately, the included options are:

  • Enabling/Disabling the popup
  • Selecting the app to open
  • The time that it takes to automatically dismiss the popup
  • Enable/Disable the background blur of the popup
  • Modify the color of each element of the popup
  • Change the image of your device (only for popup 1 and 3), as of v.1.5, this includes GIF’s

Bug Reports
Click here to report a bug using the github issue tracker

The supported iOS versions are iOS 13.0 till 14.x
For anything lower, check out Tacitus

Refund Policy
All refund requests must be emailed to my support address. If a refund is requested within 48 hours of inital purchasing, it will be issued no questions asked. When a serieus bug is discovered, the developer will have 7 days to fix the bug. May that fail, a refund will be issued. Other options are always able to be discussed via the support email:

What’s New in Version 1.5

  • Moved to chariz (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚🔥・。゚
  • Added support for GIF’s in the Default and Modern popup :space_invader:
  • Added a new look to the preferences
  • Fixed occasions where the custom color wouldn’t apply at all
  • Fixed occasions where the custom color wouldn’t apply to the blur
  • Fix timer issues when previewing
  • When no app is set, default to a more user-friendly text on the default-button and pencil view
  • Fix issues where changes to the popup would be slow to update
  • Added better support for small devices
  • Fixed the setting for hiding the default AirPods popup