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Version History


  • Hot Fix for ios 15


  • Add option to apply changed label alphas to control center
  • Add full player shift up/down option
  • Add proper spacing in some places in preferances
  • Update credits section
  • Update route output options
  • Update “(respring)” text to “**” in preferences
  • Fix issue with N95
  • Fix an issue with the keyboard dismisser in preferences


  • Add gradient blur to lock screen
  • Add auto showing dismiss keyboard button to preferences
  • Add support for external tweaks to Expand/Minimize Artwork
  • Add option to hide player background when artwork is expanded
  • Add options to disable track and label coloring (dark mode/light mode fix)
  • Fix SnowBoard button themes not working (enable this in “Lockscreen” section)
  • Fix issue with suggestions view on the lock screen
  • Fix control center player corner issue
  • Fix Remaining Track coloring In control center player


  • Add compatibility option for Exiwall
  • Fix the expanded artwork drop shadow being cut off
  • Fix button coloring not disabling
  • Fix “Wallpaper Artwork Alpha” not doing anything
  • Fix negative values causing “…” in slider cells (in settings)