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Have you ever wanted to have the iOS 16 music player on iOS 14 or 15 ?
If so, 16Player is what you need !

16Player allows you to get the new extended music player as well as customizing it!

Plenty of features are planned and if you really want something, you can contact us !

Feature List

  • Artwork :

    • Expanded artwork size in portrait and landscape mode
    • Shadow (Offset, radius, opacity and color)
    • Corner Radius
    • Drop shadow (Offset, radius, opacity and color)
  • Player :

    • Swipe Gestures (Left, right, up, down)
    • Transport Buttons :
      • Background color
      • Haptics (Before/On finger lift)
      • Button coloring
    • Spacing between artwork and player in portrait and landscape mode
    • Time control offset
    • Player height (when artwork expended)
    • Background color
    • Background alpha
    • Corner radius
    • Border (Size, color)
    • Background drop shadow (Offset, radius, opacity and color)
    • Time tracks coloring (right track coming soon)
    • Move full player up/down
  • Labels and Routing button :

    • Hiding
    • Alpha
    • Color
    • Move time labels to the sides of the time tracks (like IOS 16)
    • Hide “iPhone” text
    • Control center options
  • Lockscreen

    • Artwork as wallpaper (Blur, Alpha, Always show option)
    • Alpha
    • Filter color
    • Notifications offset in portrait and landscape mode
    • Volume HUD enabling
    • Hide quick actions buttons when artwork is expended
    • Gradient Blur


In case you encounter any issues, please contact us ASAP. You can find multiple ways to contact us in the “Contact” part of the settings.

What’s New in Version 1.0.5

  • Hot Fix for ios 15