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To download, visit this
page on your iOS device.


Have you ever looked at your lock screen and thought “This needs more neon?” Well, you’re in luck, Zinnia does just that!

Simple yet beautiful

Zinnia adds a beautiful neon lock screen and a unlock button to your lock screen, replacing any other elements there, without fifty different widgets or elements blocking your wallpaper. Don’t worry though, you haven’t lost any functionality — just tap or drag the unlock button to unveil options to unlock the phone, toggle the flashlight, or use the camera!

Fully customizable

Every single bit of the new lock screen can be customized! Want the neon to glow a different color? That’s easy. Want a different font or text size for the time and date? Go right ahead! Think the neon glow is too small or too big? You can scale it!

Best of all, when configuring changes, you see a live preview as you change the settings, and your new settings take effect without ever needing to respring!


Zinnia only works on iOS 14.0 and later.

It is likely that Zinnia will conflict with any other tweaks that modify the lock screen UI - such as Kalm, Ventana, Heartlines, or Jellyfish.

The only lock screen-affecting tweak that has been tested for explicit compatibility is Eneko (its live wallpapers will work with Zinnia)


Email for support. Do not be vague — describe your issue as specifically as possible, including any relevant information, such as crash logs or screenshots relating to the issue. It is fully expected that you have basic technical knowledge, such as how to get a crash log, as anyone jailbreaking their devices should.

If the issue is relating to product activation, then you must include some proof of purchase with your email. Both Chariz and Paypal will email you a receipt whenever purchasing Zinnia, which serves as a sufficient proof of purchase.

Return Policy

Zinnia has a free trial, and it is recommended that you take advantage of that in order to ensure that it works properly on your device, and that you will enjoy using it.

However, if you change your mind within a short amount of time (within 1-2 days of original purchase), it is likely that I will be willing to issue a refund anyways.

As Zinnia does not guarantee compatibility with other tweaks or software, refunds will not be issued due to incompatibilities with tweaks or software that are not explicitly supported.

Refund requests relating to issue must have relevant details about the issue attached — crash logs, screenshots, a description of the issue, and/or how to reproduce the issue. If the attached details are too vague, additional details may be requested.

Refund requests which are rude or impolite may be rejected without further explaination.

Any refund requests must be sent to, with either your Chariz purchase reference or PayPal transaction ID.

What’s New in Version 1.1.5