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Zetsu is a Tweak that allows the app to multitask

Zetsu is a Tweak that allows the app to Multitask.How to start: Select Zetsu from 3D Touch shortcuts for the app you want to multitask. Check out the iDownloadBlog review.

Zetsu is the best multitasking tweak that supports horizontal screen.

Demo images

If you like how Zetsu works, make me a donation through PayPal.

That will motivate me to update the tweak and put more functions on it. or support me by following me on Twitter.

Features Included

Multitaskin Mode:

  • Toolbar Mode or Menu Mode
  • Menu bar height change
  • Action button position customization
  • Action Button Image Customization
  • Feeling of space between buttons
  • Enable/disable the setting of the screen size as the area within which the Window can be moved.

Scaling Modes:

  • Selection of applications for scaling.
  • Keyboard display position.


  • Display Widnows can be hidden or displayed at once.


  • If you are using Bootstrap and Serotonin’s Semi-Jailbreak, you have to enable the target application in Bootstrap to have the scaling mode and application rotation.
  • Regarding support for iOS14, I plan to release a full version in the near future. Until then, please use the Zetsu version in my repository. Repo
  • The camera application cannot be used with Zetsu.


  • Zetsu was made using the source of konban13. Without this source, Zetsu would have been difficult to implement.I am very grateful to the developers Eva (Nepeta) and nicho1asdev.Click here to check the License.

Future Functions:

  • [ ] Change button position.
  • [ ] Add Widnow UI, in response to users’ wishes.
  • [ ] Creation of split-view functionality.
  • [ ] iOS14 full Support


  • iOS 15-16.7
  • arm64 & arm64e

Tested devices:

  • iPhone Xs iOS15.0 (Dopamine)
  • iPhone 13 iOS16.3 (Bootstrap & Serotonin)
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS16.0 (Bootstrap & Serotonin)

Special thanks:

  • Thanks to Sugiuta for creating the banner and for checking and testing the operation of Zetsu.

Feedback & Bug Report:

What’s New in Version 1.5

  • Initial Release Chariz