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To download, visit this
page on your iOS device.

Where aesthetics and accessibility meet.

Viper brings beautifully designed widgets into your home screen. Glance at your most important information with just a swipe into Viper’s custom page. It redesigns your home screen and lock screen into a simple, yet more informative interface.


Viper brings a simple design that makes information accessible by allowing you to glance at the time for more than one time zone, and the weather wherever you’re at, right on you lock screen or home screen.


Designed to fit and blend to all types of setups. Endless options to beautify your device and give it a clean and modern look.


The tweak gives you the information that you need at the palms of your hands. Easily peek at your last notification, events, media player, battery and disk information, recently used apps and more to come. You can interact with them either by tapping or a force press gesture.

App Drawer

This tweak provides you with an app drawer that shows all your apps in one place. It can be easily invoked from anywhere using the provided gestures or by an Activator action.

Personalize it

Viper can be customized in every aspect. Choose your style, formatting, calendars, label size, background appearance, app drawer gesture, etc.

Layout Editor

Use the built-in layout editor to adjust your home screen layout. You can also use other layout editors such as HomePlus, Sprintomize, Boxy, etc.


Viper lets you seamlessly switch between different user selected time zones (2) by double tapping the clock. To take advantage of OLED screens, users are given the opportunity to experience a dismissible OLED mode that will enable only a handful of elements at the lock screen.


  • Viper is ONLY compatible with iOS13 and up.
  • 4, 4s, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, and 6S devices have limited compatibility due to screen size.
  • Not optimized for iPad, yet.

What’s New in Version 1.0.1-1

  • Fixed package being incorrectly marked as paid