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page on your iOS device.

In Your Face Notes

Professor just drop a large assignment on you? Need to remember to get something at the store? Jot down the details into Libellum right on your lock screen. It’s difficult to forget something when it’s right in your face every time you turn on your device.

With v1.6 you can now have multiple pages of notes! Add and remove notes with the three-dot button on the toolbar.

As always, this tweak is open source!


There are a ton of customization and other features for you to take advantage of with Libellum:

  • Libellum’s Size (Presets and custom)
  • Blur Style or Colored Background
  • Appearance Options:
    • Font, Background, Lock Icon, and Tint Color
    • Border Options
  • General Options:
    • Left Handed Mode (I didn’t forget about the 10%)
    • Show/Hide Buttons on the Toolbar
    • Endless Notes Length (Don’t let me hold your notes back)
    • Hide “No Older Notifications” and Quick Actions from the Lock screen
  • Authentication to See/Edit Notes
  • Note Backup
  • Show or Hide Libellum with Gestures:
    • Swipe Left on Notes
    • Triple Tap Lock screen
    • Pull Down from the Top Left
  • And other small options! Think something is missing? Contact me and I might add it!


Compatible with iOS 12 to 14.

  • Kalm - Option to use Kalm’s tint color to match with your setup!
  • AutoUnlockX - Skip the lock screen if your notes are hidden!
  • Interfering with another tweak? Let me know!


Need to contact me to report a bug? Submit an issue on GitHub!

You can also contact me over Email, Twitter, or Reddit.

What’s New in Version 1.6.5

  • Added German preference translations by @t0mi
  • Fixed translations not being applied to certain parts of the preferences