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Enhancer for YouTube Premium

This product is currently not available for purchase.

Add More Features To YouTube Premium.

Please note that YouTube Premium is required.

  • Allow HD On Cellular Data
  • Disable Video Endscreen Popups
  • Disable Video Info Cards
  • Disable Video AutoPlay
  • Disable Double Tap To Skip
  • Hide Channel Watermark
  • Always Show Player Bar
  • Show Status Bar In Overlay (Portrait Only)
  • Hide Previous & Next Button In Overlay
  • Hide AutoPlay Switch In Overlay
  • Hide Captions/Subtitles Button In Overlay
  • Disable Related Videos In Overlay
  • Hide Overlay Dark Background
  • Enable iPad Style On iPhone
  • No Comments Section
  • No Cast Button
  • No Notification Button
  • No Search Button
  • No Topics Section
  • Disable YouTube Kids
  • Disable Voice Search
  • Disable Hints
  • Hide Tab Bar Labels
  • Hide Shorts (Explore) Tab
  • Hide Create/Upload (+) Tab
  • Hide Subscriptions Tab
  • Hide Library Tab

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What’s New in Version 1.0.6


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