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Version History


  • iOS 15 and Rootless Support


  • Adds support for pages with the battery/shortcut widget
  • Fixes page scrolling after unlock for some effects
  • Removes icon animation fix that was causing crashes
  • Much better preference system (Preferences may be reset upon upgrading)


  • Fixes regression from 1.0.3 which caused some icon effects to not work properly
  • Adds support for devices with more than 10 icon pages
  • Performance optimizations


  • Fixes an unexpected crash on iOS 14
  • Adds Croation translations


  • Fixes icons disappearing in folders
  • Fixes crash when opening a widget
  • Fixes effects not always showing on iPads
  • No longer depends on liblua fixing issues when using the Procursus bootstrap
  • Fixes a crash if all the effects fail