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Your days are Counted

Counted is a tweak that (when tapped) turns your clock into a countdown and shows the amount of days left before a previous set date arrives. This way you can - for example - easily keep track of the amount of days left before this quarantine is over.

Also introduced in 1.1 is the ability to replace the “swipe up to unlock” label with the countdown.

When clicked again, the countdown goes away.


  • Enabling / Disabling the tweak
  • Set the countdown Subject
  • Select one of 4 ways to display the text
  • Set the alignment (needed for when you align your clock to the left/right)
  • Font weight

The settings don’t need a respring to be applied.


Noticed bugs? File a support at the issues page here Source Code


This tweak supports iOS 13.0+

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Released by
  • Dave van WijkDave van Wijk


Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 13.0 - 13.7. Jailbreak required.

Having issues?

If you’re having trouble with the package, please email Dave van Wijk. Include as much detail as possible, including error messages, so the issue can be resolved quickly.

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