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To download, visit this
page on your iOS device.


Battery right on your Dock

Display your battery in your dock background


  • Two modes: Battery Level/Battery State
  • Battery Percentage: Show a view that represents your battery percentage in the Dock background
  • Battery State: Only shows the battery state as the Dock background
  • Cenamo supports Stock iOS Dock, Floating Dock, Multipla and other Dock tweaks


  • Customize view alpha
  • Disable when battery is full
  • Disable coloring for the battery view
  • Custom corner radius
  • Custom color for every battery state (Normal/Charging/Low Battery/Low Power Mode)
  • Enable X style Dock for non notched devices
  • Hide default Dock View


  • Some tweaks might conflict with Cenamo, but I can’t test all of them. If you find a conflicting tweak please email me.
  • iPad support has not been tested but should work
  • FloatingDock is not supported on iOS 12
  • “Hide Background View” option doesn’t work with FloatingDock

What’s New in Version 1.1

  • Added different colors for Dark Mode options
  • Added Dock Controller support
  • Added DockChanger support
  • Added OLDock support
  • Added Navale support
  • Fixed ShyPageDots bug
  • Added support for Aperio
  • Fixed async issues (random resprings)