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Bolders Reborn

To download, visit this
page on your iOS device.

Bringing Back the Bold in Bolders

Get ready to relive the experience of using the Bolders tweak from iOS 12! Bolders Reborn brings it back with a modern twist for iOS 14 and beyond.


  • Rows per page
  • Icons per row
  • Count text
  • Title scale
  • Title transparency
  • Title offset
  • Subtitle scale
  • Subtitle transparency
  • Subtitle offset
  • Horizontal icon inset
  • Top icon inset
  • Vertical icon spacing
  • Horizontal offset
  • Icon scale
  • Hide folder background
  • Background blur configuration


  • This package is officially compatible on iPhones from iOS 14.0 onward.

What’s New in Version 1.1.2



  • Issues that some users of rootless jailbreaks had with the respring button.
  • The icon of the preference bundle being square.
  • Localization on some languages showing “$C” instead of “$c”, leading to confusion.


  • Hebrew Localization.