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Introducing Ash

There are tons and tons and tons of apps out there on the AppStore. I found I was downloading many of these, and over time, they built up and built up to 5, and soon 7, pages. If you are like me, you probably rarely use the apps on the first pages of your home screen.

Additionally, have you ever tried to take a photo with your phone, got all set up with the perfect shot, only to find you are unable to take your photo? Why? Your iPhone’s storage is almost full. How can you free up some space, you ask yourself. Well, maybe if you deleted one of your 150 apps.

Keep track of which apps you use, and which ones you don’t

It’s a pain to go through your apps, and think to yourself, “Do I use this? Can I delete it?”. Ash makes this easy. Ash gives very visual, easy to recognize effects to your app icons that you haven’t opened. Your app icons will appear greyed out until you tap the icon to open the app. Once an app is opened via the homescreen, the icon will once again be colored.

Find an old friend

It’s easy to see the difference between apps you use and apps you don’t. Give your grey icons some love, and open them. Ash can help you use these under appreciated apps. Who knows, you might find an app you love, but just forgot over the years.

Reset Ash with ease, and quickly toggle on/off

You can easily reset Ash and turn all your apps back to grey with the control center module, provided for easy access from anywhere. In addition, a second module has been provided for your convenience to turn on/off Ash’s visual effects, so you can make your app icons colored like normal, all while Ash keeps track of which you open. Then, you can reactivate the effects, and you can clearly see which apps you have opened. You don’t have to lose the beauty of your themed app icons, only activate Ash icon effects when you want.

Known issues

  • Ash icon effects will not apply until the folder is fully opened when using SnowBoard theming engine

What’s New in Version 1.0.1

  • Package rebranding