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Version History


  • Blocks requests to Statsig
  • Fix rare crash added in v1.3.1
  • Fix issue with some Imgur albums not loading
  • Now also blocks requests to Apollo’s server, rather than just returning fake data


  • Add “Dismiss” button to goodbye wallpaper popup
  • Stop Apollo from showing the wallpaper popup when launching the app


  • Add option to change Imgur client ID
  • Improved speed of Imgur uploads
  • Fix issue with sharing/downloading videos
  • Add sideload detection/patches (Sideloadly’s spoofer is no longer needed, which was causing issues with sharing posts)


  • Marks Apollo v1.15.12+ as unsupported. Downgrade Apollo to v1.15.11 to use Artemis.


  • Add “Artemis” section to Apollo’s settings page. This allows you to change your client ID after the initial setup, in case you set up your client incorrectly.

  • Improve sideloading support. Should now work better with v1.15.12.

  • Fix UI issues in iPads.

  • Add support for loading more Imgur links.


  • Initial Release