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BTC: bc1qym42mw0fvnn9k84rky9tz58m8emqhp8u96s6ek

Why Donate: AlwaysVPN + some of my other tweaks take time to create (duh). While i dont agree being forced to pay for a *simpler* tweak, i do agree to donating on your own will. I am only a high school student doing sports 5 days a week while trying to save money to buy a car. Donation is in bitcoin as to protect my own privacy, if you wish to donate via paypal or another method please contact via discord at the bottom of this page :)

Privacy is becoming harder to keep up with; AlwaysVPN makes one step easier for you.

Depends: Actify (

AlwaysVPN checks if a VPN is active before opening an app.


  • Disallow App opening unless connected to a VPN
  • CC Module for easily switching between on/off
  • Select as many apps as you want
  • Closes app BEFORE any network requests can be made

Note: AlwaysVPN does not modify internal system values for battery, only visual. There have been 0 reports of damage after using the tweak. My tweak was heavily tested to assure quality and reliability for the user. AlwaysVPN does not save logs or any data related to the user. AlwaysVPN makes 0 network requests including the check for a VPN being active.

For Nerds - AlwaysVPN.dylib is injected into any process using _run from UIApplication, this means that some daemons may be hooked as well as SOME processes in safemode. _run is often ran sandboxed, this means an IPC server is needed. If you have any more inquiries about AlwaysVPN backend or process feel free to contact me on discord at ios#4469

With ❤️ from iosrouter

What’s New in Version 1.0

  • Initial release