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Version History


  • Fixes settings not being saved for tweaks using libcolorpicker compatibility on rootless devices.


  • Fixes Alderis not working on rootless A12 and newer devices.



  • Adds a Contrast Checker tab, where you can try your selected color in various configurations, and test its contrast against an algorithm.
  • Adds a context menu on color wells, allowing copying a color in a variety of formats. (Requires iOS 14.)
  • Adds HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Lightness) to the color sliders tab. As compared to the existing HSB (Hue, Saturation, and Brightness) sliders, HSL uses a slightly different formula that is considered more realistic to how we perceive color. HSL is also used by CSS.
  • Adds a gradient background to color sliders, so you can see how your color will change if you tweak each slider.
  • Hopefully fixes an issue with Alderis sometimes not working on iOS 12.
  • Reduces install size by a nice 69%.


  • Fixes a crash on iOS 14.0 - 14.1.



  • Fixes a crash on iOS 14.0 - 14.1.


  • Fixes installation issues in Cydia.


  • Initial release