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Organize and protect your photos

The iOS Photos app has always been lacking features in regards to organization and privacy. This tweak aims to fix that.

Move photos instead of just copying

When adding photos to an album, you’ll now get asked if you want to copy the photos (default behavior) or move them instead. When moving, the photos will be removed from the album they’re currently in and will then be added to the selected album. This allows you to e.g. clean up the camera roll (also known as the Recents album) and create true albums with all your memories.

Note that this feature internally makes use of the “Hide photo” feature of the photos app, so all moved photos will also appear in the “Hidden photos” album. You can safely lock or hide this album and forget about it while the tweak is installed though.

Lock every photo album

Don’t want people snooping around your private photos? Lock your private albums with either FaceID, TouchID or a password. Every album can be locked with a different authentication method for extra security. When an album is locked, you won’t be able to see a preview of the photos or access it until you authenticate. You can not only lock your own albums, but also the stock albums that iOS created for you, like Screenshots, Recently deleted, etc.

This works in both the Photos app, as well as apps that make use of the stock iOS photos picker. For third-party apps that use their own implementation of a photos picker (e.g. Instagram), all locked albums will be hidden instead and can’t be accessed, so even then your photos are secure.

Hide locked albums

Want to take your privacy a step further? With a simple toggle in the tweak settings, you can hide all locked albums from both the Photos app as well as all other apps. If opening the Settings app every time you want to see your locked albums is too much of a hassle, don’t worry: this tweak comes with a Control Center toggle that behaves exactly like the settings toggle, so you can hide or show your locked albums within just a second.

Choose your own privacy settings

In the tweak settings, there are also two options that control how the unlocking of albums work:

  • Remember unlocks: This feature keeps your unlocked albums unlocked while you are in the Photos app, so you don’t have to authenticate again when you e.g. leave the album and want to enter it again. As soon as the Photos app enters the background, all albums will be locked again. And when you were in a locked album when leaving the Photos app, the tweak will exit it for you, so when opening the Photos app again, you won’t be in this album anymore, thus making it impossible to accidentally leave a private album open.

  • Unlock all albums: This feature unlocks all albums with the same authentication method. So when you unlock an album that was protected with FaceID, all albums that were protected with FaceID will unlock as well. This also works for albums that use the same password. And when you have albums locked with a different password, they won’t unlock automatically, because it’s a different kind of authentication.

Compatible with all iOS 15 & 16 jailbreaks

This tweak works with Dopamine, palera1n and Xina.

On Xina though, FaceID protection won’t work due to issues with the Xina jailbreak itself. Upgrading to Dopamine is strongly recommended!

Note that this tweak doesn’t change anything about your photos when not enabled. So when the tweak is uninstalled or you access your library from a device that doesn’t have this tweak installed (or e.g. via iCloud), your albums won’t be protected and the moved photos won’t be visible in your albums because they are all in the Hidden album.

What’s New in Version 1.0.2

  • Fix crash of the CareCam app