Version History



  • Now receive haptic feedback when emulating and come into contact with a reader
  • iOS 15 support for jailbroken devices (Trollstore version coming soon)
  • Wallet now shows more Apple Pay like UI

Bug Fixes:

  • Tint colour not resetting when pressing button
  • HomeUI is no longer used for certain views, reduces risk of crashes
  • Improvements to the nfcd backend which should help to reduce crashes
  • Improvements to flow of restarting nfcd, no longer locks up UI
  • Resolved tag name not updating in read list


  • Fix bug where Amiibo directory is never created causing files to not be saved


  • Update Localisations
  • Localisations are now updated automatically in the background
  • Fixed a bug where key_retail.bin files would incorrectly be marked as invalid


  • Initial release.