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Customise your Pay Cards

Sydney is the best all-in-one tweak for customising your Apple Pay cards! Want to use a GIF? You can! Want to change your card numbers? Easy. Sydney lets you to customise the background picture, company logo, card numbers and much, much more!


The Picture

  • Image, GIF or Effect
  • Use a Apple wallpaper
    • Uses wallpapers found on your device
  • Select from a theme
  • Use a gradient or block color
  • Upload your own picture
  • Take a photo
  • Blur your image
  • Enable a parallax effect
  • Use a realistic metal effect

The Logo

  • Use a Visa or MasterCard logo
  • Dynamic black and white switching for Visa Logo
    • Changes automatically based on your choosen picture
  • Manually switch Visa logo to black or white
  • Disable card logo
  • Enable Apple Cash logo *
  • Manually switch Apple Cash logo to black or white *

The Card Numbers

  • Use your cards real 4 digits
  • Choose custom numbers to replace real digits
  • Disable card numbers
  • Hide the 4 dots before numbers
  • Custom card number color


  • Custom card name
  • Custom card border colour
  • Beautiful and high quality settings

Apple Cash

  • Apple Cash Mode *
    • Makes your card look like an Apple Cash card instead of a regular payment card *
    • Replaces your card’s numbers with your Apple Cash balance *
    • Shows the Apple Cash logo *
  • Set a fake money balance * (Visual only)
  • Manually switch Apple Cash logo to black or white *
  • Custom card balance color *

* = feature only available for Apple Cash cards

Theme Support

Sydney was made with designers and theme creators in mind! To create a theme for Sydney, please refer to the guide found here:

Sydney Theme Guide

Frequent Issues

Try these steps:

  1. Enable the tweak
  2. Enable the card (within Sydney)
  3. Choose a picture (Image or GIF)
  4. Click “Apply”
  5. Reset the card (within Sydney)

Custom card name isn’t showing on my card!
The card name is seen in the expanded card view within the Wallet app and is not shown on your card.

Refund Policy

Change of Mind: Change of mind returns are allowed within 24 hours of purchase being made under acceptable circumstances. Rude or vulgar refund requests will be denied.

Issue Based Return: Refunds requested due to issues such as crashes (safe modes) or graphical bugs must provide clear details of the issue. Further information may be asked in order to help resolve the issue. Requests may be closed if there is no response within 7 days.

Incompatibility Return: No refund requests based on incompatibility with other tweaks and/or software will be filled, as I do not have control over other software and therefore cannot guarantee that compatibility is possible. I do not have any responsibility for, nor do I have any control over third-party tweaks.

Other: Other refund requests will be evaluated at my discretion and may be declined.

What’s New in Version 1.1.1

  • Settings page fixed for iOS 13 (arm64e devices)
  • Fixed logo and card numbers not showing up for metal effect.
  • Apple Cash cards now default to “Regular Mode”

Changelog from v1.1:

  • Introducing Effects!
    • A new type of picture that moves as you move your device.
    • Try put the new brushed metal effect!