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Solstice Dark stock icons

  • 850 icons
  • 25 Alt icons
  • 9 Alt Tweaked IOS 18 icons
  • Settings icons
  • Folder effect
  • Notifction Badges

To theme settings icons download SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension

To request custom icons for specific apps, you can use telegram bot or via email

  1. Icon Requests Telegram Bot @IconRequestsBot ,
  2. Icon Requests Email

When making a request via email, Please provide

  1. Theme name
  2. Bundle ID - App Name
  3. Bundle ID - App Name

To find the Bundle ID of an app, you can use one of the suggested Telegram bots

  1. Bundle IDs Finder 1 Telegram Bot @BundleIDFinderBot

  2. Bundle IDs Finder 2 Telegram Bot 2 @BundleIDsFinderBot

  3. or visit the OffCornerDev website OffCornerDev

What’s New in Version 1.6

  • Added 100 new icons
  • Fixed chase icon
  • Added Music Recognition, Private Relay in settings