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Sleepizy 2

Fall asleep with music and optimize your sleep routine.

Sleepizy 2 is a rewrite of Sleepizy, with a reimagined integration method to support the new Control Center Media module introduced in iOS 14.2. Note that if you bought Sleepizy previously, you get 50% off on Sleepizy 2. Check out Sleepizy if you’re on iOS < 14.2.

Sleepizy allows you to set a timer to stop your music, directly from Control Center. It also lets you automate some actions on timer start and end, such as turning on DND/Airplane mode or running custom iOS Shortcuts. It has lots of other features that will make you enjoy even more falling asleep with music (check the full list of features below).

It is made to look as if it was a built-in feature, using stock components. Try it, you’ll believe it has been made by Apple!


  • Stop music after X hours/minutes
  • Stop music after X tracks
  • Shake your device to restart timer to its initial value (in case you’re not sleeping yet)
  • Fade out music for X seconds (it will slowly decrease volume for your chosen duration)
  • Let the currently playing song finish before stoping the music (to avoid some frustration in case you still don’t sleep)
  • Perform specific actions on timer start: Enable Airplane mode, Enable DND, Run an iOS Shortcut, Set custom volume
  • Perform specific actions on timer end: Enable Airplane mode, Enable DND, Run an iOS Shortcut, Disconnect Bluetooth devices (or disable Bluetooth), Kill Now Playing app
  • Show the remaining time/tracks in Notification Center below Clock
  • Show Sleepizy button in the minimized CC media player
  • Configure defaults values for each mode (default number of minutes and default number of songs)
  • Persist timer so that it will be restored even if your phone resprings

Running iOS Shortcuts (aka Siri Shortcuts):

Sleepizy allows you to run a Shortcut when the timer starts, and another one when it ends. This is really powerful! You can use that to start a specific playlist, control your HomeKit lights/devices, and a lot more! Imagination is the only limit!
If you don’t have the Shortcuts app yet, you can get it on the App Store (it’s an Apple app).

iOS Shortcuts Integration

Sleepizy 2 brings actions to control your timers from Shortcuts app. It means you can use Siri, Automations or else to start/cancel/restart your Sleepizy timers. You need to install Powercuts library (free) to get them.

Languages: it currently supports English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Malay.

It’s compatible from iOS 14.2 to 15.7.x and will be kept updated for next versions.

If you encounter any issue with the tweak, please contact me and I’ll do my best to fix it. And if I can’t do anything to fix it, I will have no problem to refund your purchase.

Note: Some screenshots include modifications to the status bar, which are coming from another tweak. It’s not included in Sleepizy 2.

Feel free to follow me on my Twitter @AnthoPak to get live updates about my tweaks.

What’s New in Version 1.3.1

  • Add rootless support