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Experience Android right on your iOS device! Nougat brings the Notification Panel from Android Nougat and Oreo. Nougat is built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly into iOS and behaves just how you would expect a stock feature to.


To invoke Nougat, simply swipe down from the top middle of the device, as if you were invoking the Notification Center. Swiping down from the top left corner will invoke the system Notification Center in case you still need access to it. You will be prompted on first launch to visit the user guide to familiarize yourself with the gestures.

Main Panel

The main panel is comprised of four modules to provide convenient shortcuts at just a swipe:

  • Status Bar: Quickly view the current time and your battery percentage.
  • Brightness: Easily control your device’s brightness.
  • Toggles: Customizable toggles to control your device.
  • Settings: Access Nougat’s settings to quickly change toggle layout or theme.


Below the Main Panel, Nougat also provides convenient access to your notifications. Quickly launch and manage your notifications with just a swipe.

The notification list also provides a MiniPlayer when music is playing, so you can pause, play, or skip your current music effortlessly. Nougat can also integrate with ColorFlow.


Nougat comes with three built in color themes for you to choose from. It also comes with the option to change its theme based on your current system appearance. You can also add, remove, or rearrange the switches present on the main panel.

What’s New in Version 1.3.2

  • Emergency fix for iOS 14 A12+ devices