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Welcome to Misaki, the ultimate iOS customization powerhouse designed to empower your device with unparalleled flexibility and style.

Lock Screen Magic:

Conceal the time, Padlock, Face ID glyph, and more for a minimalist Lock Screen experience.
Say goodbye to intrusive banners like Do Not Disturb and Focus Pill with seamless hiding options.
Customize Quick Action toggles, decluttering your Lock Screen and enhancing accessibility.

SpringBoard Freedom:

Streamline your SpringBoard with options to hide home bars, breadcrumbs, and tab labels.
Erase visual clutter with the ability to hide scroll bars and separator lines, ensuring a clean, distraction-free interface.

Home Screen Harmony:

Personalize your Home Screen by hiding app labels, page dots, and search elements.
Keep your Home Screen pristine by concealing update and beta indicators, maintaining a polished look.

Folding Your Way:

Elevate folder organization with advanced customization options, including hiding folder titles and backgrounds.
Infuse style into your folders with unique designs, enhancing both form and function.

Commanding Control Center:

Take charge of Control Center functionality by disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls.
Easily monitor device metrics with percentage indicators on sliders and aligned toggles at the bottom.
Enhance Control Center aesthetics with the Cool CC feature, adding a touch of flair to your device’s control hub.

Status Bar Mastery:

Craft a bespoke status bar with custom carrier text and Roman numeral time for a personalized touch.
Maintain a minimalist interface by selectively hiding elements such as time, cellular bars, Wi-Fi indicators, and more.
Seamlessly integrate status bar modifications into Control Center and adjust visibility to suit your preferences.

Notification Center Elegance:

Customize your Notification Center with the Cool Notification feature, adding flair and style to your notifications.
Streamline the Notification Center interface by hiding text elements like “Notification Center” and “No Older Notifications”.

Settings Revolution:

Streamline your settings experience with options to hide arrows, icons, and search bars, ensuring a clutter-free interface.
Enhance accessibility with features like showing battery health and Ethernet connectivity status, empowering you to stay informed.

Phone Perfection:

Tailor your phone app to your needs by hiding tabs like Favorites, Recents, Contacts, and Voicemail, optimizing your user experience.

App Switcher Brilliance:

Declutter your multitasking experience by hiding app icons and labels in the app switcher, maintaining focus on active tasks.
Simplify app management with intuitive gestures like swiping down to close all apps and swiftly closing Now Playing apps.

Additional Enhancements:

Eliminate distractions with features like removing beta alerts, ensuring a seamless user experience free from interruptions.

Feedback & Bug Report:

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Localization can be found here.

What’s New in Version 2.1.3

  • New Features:

    • Added option to Hide Folder Labels in SpringBoard
    • Added option to Hide Widget Labels in SpringBoard
  • Localization:

    • Added Support for Indonesian localization.
  • Feedback & Bug Report