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LockShut is the piece of software that Apple forgot to add in terms of security, a new weapon against thieves or forgetting your device at a party only for someone to shut it down.

It brings a new never before seen features like the fake shutdown, which also enables all the connectivy in your device so you can track it down, as well as other features like authentication to shut down.

Here’s a list of the features with some explanations:

  • Disable: Disables all shutdown gestures. You won’t see even the slider
  • Access medical: The shutdown gestures will allow access to medical ID while the shutdown slider will remain locked.
  • Fake shutdown: When trying to shutdown the phone while locked, it will perform a “fake shutdown”: the screen will remain black as if it where off, all buttons will be disabled. This featured also disables notifications and enables DND automatically. Please disable calls on DND and enable DND on unlocked if you want this feature to work properly. To wake the device again, press both volume buttons.
  • Authenticate: Asks for authentication (Touch ID or Face ID) before allowing a shutdown.
    WARNING: Touch ID or Face ID must be enabled. This is a security meassure. If the only form of authentication is a passcode nothing will happen.

DISCLAIMER: Even though this adds a new layer of security, the force shutdown feature that comes with every iOS device is still present, since it cannot be disabled by any means.

What’s New in Version 1.1.1

  • Added compatibility with iCaughtU (I worked with the dev to make it compatible)
  • Fixed a bug where if you were to cancel the shutdown slider while using the FakeShutdown mode the phone would go crazy