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Legizmo 'Lighthouse'


To stay on watchOS 8 and avoid updating to watchOS 9, use Legizmo ‘Jupiter’ instead. To avoid updating to watchOS 10 from watchOS 9, use Legizmo ‘Kincaid’


  • Legizmo ‘Lighthouse’ is not compatible with older, rootful versions of XinaA15. Please update to rootless XinaA15, or use the TrollStore version of Legizmo on these devices.
  • If you are upgrading to Lighthouse from Legizmo Kincaid, please ensure you are running 4.2.4 or newer first. Otherwise, manually remove all components from the Legizmo app before upgrading.

Got a shiny new Apple Watch, but when you try to pair with your jailbroken iPhone you find that iOS says ‘no’? Torn between whether to stay jailbroken and not use the Watch, or whether to use the Watch but sacrifice your jailbreak and update iOS?

What if you could have it both ways? With Legizmo, you can.

Whether you’re trying to pair a brand-new Apple Watch that’s running a version of watchOS that’s too new for your jailbroken version of iOS, or you are already paired but want to update watchOS to take advantage of the latest features whilst still keeping your iPhone jailbroken, Legizmo is designed to help make that happen.

Legizmo ‘Lighthouse’ is designed to enable you to pair Apple Watches that are running watchOS 6.0 right up to watchOS 10.x on iOS 13 or newer. The Legizmo app walks you through the setup process, and offers three key features:

Pairing Support

There are two methods of Pairing Support to choose from, and the Legizmo app will help guide you through the selection and installation process. This is the magic that lets you pair and update to newer versions.

Feature Support

What about features added to watchOS that your version of iOS is too old to have? Blood Oxygen on iOS 13? Legizmo offers a set of fixes through the Feature Support menu that are tailored to your combination of iOS and watchOS devices. They bring new functionality back to older versions of iOS, or fix potential inconsistencies with existing features.

Compatibility Check

Looking to buy a Watch, but not sure if it’s compatible? If it’s out of the box, Legizmo lets you scan the pairing code on any Apple Watch to see what version of watchOS it’s running, and whether your version of Legizmo is compatible with it (or, if it will just work with your current version of iOS)

watchOS Software Updates

What about software updates? With Legizmo, you can unlock software updates again for your Apple Watch. And, if the version of Legizmo you’re using isn’t compatible with the available update, that update is prevented. An update to Legizmo would bring support for that new version, and will then allow you to update your Watch once more.

Feature Compatibility

Especially when using major versions of watchOS with older major versions of iOS (like watchOS 10 with iOS 16 or older), there will inevitably be some incompatibilites with certain features. Fixes provided in the Feature Support menu help with this, but, full compatibility with all features can’t be guaranteed.

The Legizmo website is being updated with information about feature compatibility. For the most up-to-date information, see the Legizmo Discord

What’s New in Version 5.0.3


This update introduces a number of bug fixes, and introduces new convenience features within the Legizmo app


  • Replaces the ‘Restart Watch Services’ option on the main screen with ‘Restart Options’. As well as restarting services as before, the new menu now enables you to restart the active Watch

Compatibility Check

  • Fixes an issue which could cause inaccurate results to be displayed for older versions of watchOS

Pairing Support

  • Fixes a rare issue which could cause Pairing Support to become partially installed in certain circumstances

Known Issues

  • Periodically, iMessages or SMS messages sent from the Messages app on watchOS may fail to deliver, and time out. Messages sent from your other devices, and messages received, continue to work as normal
  • Syncing Music to watchOS 9 or newer may be unavailable (iOS 15 and older) (fixed in an upcoming release)
  • Syncing Photos to watchOS 9 or newer may be unavailable (iOS 15 and older) (fixed in an upcoming release)